10 thoughts on “English is a difficult language….for some!

  1. “Then there was a long silence in the meeting room.”

    After which they adjourned to the bathhouse.

  2. My personal experience is this: At least 1/2 or better of all Americans who post on the internet can’t:

    1) Distinguish between their, they’re, and there – were and we’re, etc
    2) In general, can’t spell any word correctly consisting of more than 2 or 3 letters
    3) Can’t construct a proper sentence
    4) Aren’t conversant with proper punctuation
    5) Don’t proof-read their own writing ( seems it’s a lost art / skill )

    I am self-educated post-high school, thus, what is the real excuse ? I don’t need to look to other cultures to find inherent difficulty with the English language. Many can speak it, but few can actually write it. Forget about pronunciation, that’s a whole other cup of tea . . .

      1. I resemble that remark, thank you for the compliment ! I worked damned hard for 20+ years to get where I am now, and still continue to learn and expand.

        By the way ( no offense intended ), that would be ” damn grammar Nazi ” to be precise. If the foo shits, I’ll wear it . . .

        1. Intenshunul mispeling. 😉

          I tested at a 3rd yr. college level in spelling & reading comprehension in 8th grade.

          1. You test me, I test you 😉 Wel dun – ha ha ha ha ha . . . I graduated from high school in 1976 virtually ” functionally illiterate ” when it came to vocabulary and writing, but took the steps to remedy that lacuna in my, ahem, public education. I still read with a dictionary close at hand. I’ve always been long on comprehension, but short on memory . . .

          2. In the 6th grade they (the nun’s) sent me to summer school for reading…
            The only reason I went was for the ice cream on Friday.

            I finished with a 2nd year college reading average and my comprehension was better than the public screwel instructor, with her college edumacation.

            Tell you what though, constantly reading the drivel people write, dumbs you down, not sure if it’s typos or bad english grammar half the time.

            By the way Mark, That’s “DAMNED grammar Nazi”… 🙂

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