Family Launches Billboard Campaign – Claims Pfizer Drugs and Wisconsin Hospital Killed Their Daughter Grace

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

On October 13, 2021, Grace Schara passed away at Ascension’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Wisconsin.  Her parents say the doctors and hospital killed Grace by their insistence to follow ineffective COVID treatment protocols.  

UncoverDC reported on this tragic story.

On Oct. 13, 2021, at 7:27 pm, beautiful Grace Schara—an inquisitive young woman with Down-Syndrome—died a tragic and preventable death at a Wisconsin hospital. Rather than using treatments proven to combat COVID-19, Ascension’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital followed the U.S. government’s ineffective COVID-19 treatment protocols, for which they reap significant financial rewards. On the final day of Grace’s life, as her doctor assured her parents she was doing well, Dr. Gavin Shokar also “unilaterally labeled Grace a DNR and ordered a lethal combination of IV sedatives and narcotics”—a fatal combination of the drugs PrecedexLorazepam, and Morphine—which were administered over an incredibly short period of time. Notably, all three drugs are manufactured by mRNA “vaccine” maker and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

The Schara family is still speaking out about their daughter’s tragic death.

The family of Grace Shara is now running over a dozen billboards in the FOX Valley area.

From the press release:

Grace was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s for Covid-19 respiratory issues, but was recovering before a doctor began giving sedatives to her.

Dr. Gavin Shokar, MD, apparently found it so likely she would die from his administration of Precedex – a powerful sedative used in surgery – that he wrote his own do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order on her a mere eight minutes after giving her the maximum dose. When Grace was still alive Shokar then combined Precedex with Lorazepam (another powerful sedative) and a Morphine push within minutes of one another on Grace’s last day to finish her off. A 14-year ICU nurse, Hollee McInnis, delivered the lethal dosage.

“Each of these medicines, on their own, have an increased risk of serious or life-threatening breathing problems and cardiac arrest,” said a doctor familiar with Grace’s case. “There’s an additive effect when used in combination. To use them like they did in a person with a diagnosis of acute respiratory distress is beyond believable as to intention,” she said.

A DNR order is legally required to be discussed with family and consented to in writing, neither of which occurred in Grace’s case. Grace was not given a DNR bracelet, which is required by law. In fact, family members were never told Grace had a DNR designation until her last breaths, when doctors and nurses did nothing to help her, despite the family telling them Grace didn’t have a DNR. Apathetic medical staff allowed Grace to die as her sister at her bedside helplessly begged them to revive her, while her parents – who were not allowed in her room – watched her die via FaceTime.

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  1. A billboard campaign for killing your kid?
    Might want to try an eye for an eye approach.
    Just saying. Grow a pair and do the right thing.

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