Fatal stabbing at RT’s Middle East office building in Tel Aviv


Two people have been killed and at least one was wounded in an attack at the building in Tel Aviv, which houses RT’s local bureau. The stabber has been captured with slight injuries.

RT’s Paula Slier who is the building has confirmed the suspect’s detention. She said that police believe a second attacker could be on the loose.  

“Two people are confirmed dead…the first person is a 30 year-old who was praying in a makeshift synagogue. An eyewitness told us they noticed the man fall over, and within seconds they tried to close the door shut. It is unclear if the second person was injured in the same location, but this is what happened,” said Slier.

“The suspect is a 38-year-old man who comes from Hebron. We do not have information about whether he had papers to be in Israel.”

Slier added that all RT staff members are safe.

Slier said that in the first 10 to 15 minutes, chaos reigned and it was impossible to say what was going on.

“Large police and security forces arrived. This is a large building, where about 400-500 people work. First it was unclear what happened to the stabber. Then we found one victim. We were there when the medics covered his body and took him away,”she said.

“We were praying, when suddenly a man keeled over. Blood was spurting everywhere,” an eyewitness told Slier, who said she was on the scene before the emergency services arrived. “We tried to force the door closed, and the stabber fled,” the witness added.

A police spokeswoman said the assailant was apprehended and that he had attacked worshipers who gathered for afternoon prayers in a shop that sells Jewish religious items in the building.



“So far we are not inclined to link this particular attack to the work of our channel,” said RT’s Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan. “But we must note that RT staff have been receiving threats recently, due to our coverage of events in Syria.”


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  1. Here we go, so the zionists just might be affected by terrorists, yeah right.
    They have to have their little, ewww, see, even the terrorists go after us, of course even though we are the root of terrorism around the globe.

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