‘Father Of 3 Assaulted Daughters’ Restrained In Court After Charging At Disgraced Gymnastics Doctor

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Can anyone blame him?

The father of three girls who were each molested by former US Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar who was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison last week, lunged at the disgraced doctor during his sentencing hearing on Friday in Eaton County, Michigan – and was swiftly tackled and restrained by three officers, according to NBC

After being admonished by the judge for swearing, Randall Margraves begged her to “let me have five minutes in a room alone with that demon.”

“You know I can’t do that,” replied the judge.

“Fine, one minute,” Margraves insisted.

”Well I’m going to have to,” Margraves responded, and he launched into a sprint at Nassar, but was tackled by three deputies, who handcuffed him.

Then Mangraves shouted “Give me one minute with that bastard.”

The outburst sparked harsh words from Michigan Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis in court.

“You cannot behave like this,” she said. “This is letting him have his power over us.”

As he was ushered out of the room, Margraves responded: “You haven’t lived through it, lady.”

Margraves is the father of Lauren and Madison Margraves, two young women who had delivered emotional impact statements about how Nassar abused them just before their father addressed the court. A third Margraves daughter spoke at Nassar’s sentencing in neighboring Ingham County last month.


4 thoughts on “‘Father Of 3 Assaulted Daughters’ Restrained In Court After Charging At Disgraced Gymnastics Doctor

  1. Hey Dad, I get it
    I would have probably wanted to tear this jackasses head off too

    make a friend in the prison this POS is going to , and keep your hands clean

  2. Im not saying it was the fathers fault
    His job in life is to protect those 3 girls and raise them to adults.

    If he didnt know he either wasnt paying attention or wasnt active in their lives. Didnt notice your 3 kids changed and probably were scared of that guy. Not one of the three felt they could talk to dad? Not one showed trauma and abuse symptoms.

    Not my choice for father of the year.

    I feel bad for the kids.

  3. Never broadcast your intent, if you want to get it done, just do it. The courts will protect the pedophile’s worthless P.O.S. @$$ from any proper responses to his actions. The dad just should’ve quietly just lunged and let the pedos fall where they may. He’d have got in a good punch or two before they got him off.

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