Feds Apprehend 75 Illegals Crammed in Dump Truck in Mass Smuggling Operation

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

75 illegal aliens were apprehended by federal law enforcement in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

“Agents apprehend 75 subjects in one event while assisting our partners on a traffic stop near Carrizo Springs, TX. This failed mass smuggling load is a good example of the dangerous tactics used by criminals just to make money,” Del Rio Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens said.

Migrants seeking asylum are heading to the US border – In addition to the hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing the border every month.

Joe Biden on Wednesday announced he is planning on dropping a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border on May 23.

Title 42 was used by President Trump in 2020 to expel migrants seeking asylum during the Covid pandemic.

Hundreds of migrants in Tapachula left the refugee camp on Friday morning and began marching to the US border.

It is estimated that border patrol agents will encounter approximately 16,000 illegals a day thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders policies.

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2 thoughts on “Feds Apprehend 75 Illegals Crammed in Dump Truck in Mass Smuggling Operation

  1. The twatter photo was censored originally and was labelled as “sensitive content” by twatter. I guess there are some whose hearts bleed for the invaders? We’ll see what color it is.

    I guess their eyes are blurred so WE won’t recognize them in OUR nation.

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