9 thoughts on “Feeding America – 2020 Cities And Places – Just One Truck Out Of Millions

  1. Congratulations on avoiding California’s two biggest coastal shithole metro areas. What was the mileage total for the year?

    1. Right around 120,000, this map isn’t completely representative because if you were logged on and zoom out you’ll see a lot more red areas, I was in the Bay Area and I was also in LA a lot

      1. Works out to 14mph average 24/7/365. Unbelievable–that’s a trip around the earth at the equator every 2-1/2 months and a trip to the moon every 2 years!

      2. Wow , and I thought I was killin’ it a few years back when I was rollin about 70K-miles a year

        been a lot slower and less miles these past few , and especially this past year, this one is shaping up already to suck

    1. Not one of my favorite places in the winter. I’ve been there a dozen or so times over the years. Drive through a lot, deliver, no….

    Just kidding Mark. If anything, you spread food all around the country AND the good news that is the Bill of Rights. 🙂

    1. Hi Stew, yeah and remember I’m just one truck really is incredible what it takes to feed us all, if your not self sufficient that is.

      As you can see im in your AOP alot but never long enough to do anything, hope all is well with you guys, had a blast last time we hooked up.

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