Few expect Trump conviction, even fewer to watch Senate trial

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

Today’s second Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump isn’t expected to lead to a conviction or interest in the nation, according to a survey done on the eve of the action.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey showed that just 31% of likely voters believe a conviction of high crimes and misdemeanors is at hand.

Another 64% told the pollster that conviction is unlikely or won’t happen.

And the country isn’t gripped by the event. Just 15% plan to watch all of the TV coverage of the trial. But most may check in from time to time, said Rasmussen.

“Only 15% of voters say they’ll watch the entire Senate impeachment trial on TV, and 21% expect to watch most of it. Thirty percent say they’ll watch some of Trump’s trial, but 32% won’t watch any of it,” said the pollster in a preview of its results.

An earlier poll found that the trial is likely to lead to even deeper partisan resentment and spoil any hope by President Biden for unity in the nation.

Rasmussen said that in just having the trial, 57% of all voters said it would “cause more division.” And 83% of Republicans, bigger than Trump’s current base of support in the GOP, agree.


One thought on “Few expect Trump conviction, even fewer to watch Senate trial

  1. Had to make some lengthy trips today and caught some of it on NPR radio. What a ridiculous soap opera! A bunch of dramatic cry babies.

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