Filmed Brutal Teen Assault On School Bus

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Teen assault on school bus

PENNSYLVANIA – Two teenagers are charged with assault after a brutal school bus beating was caught on surveillance video.

The incident happened last week during ride home from a Pennsylvania
school. The video shows a 17-year-old student is harassed and then
punched repeatedly. He ended up with a bloody nose and three chipped

The victim pleaded with the bus driver to let him off, but the driver did not intervene, call for help or pull over.

“I’m horrified. He was the adult in this situation. And I mean, I
just can’t believe that he did absolutely nothing. He did not even hand
my son a cotton ball or a tissue to clean his nose off,” the victim’s
mother said.

Pennsylvania law requires bus drivers to pull over and call 911 for
help or report the incident as soon as possible to authorities.
In this case, police were not notified until they were tipped off when the video went viral.

Criminal charges are being considered against the bus driver.


3 thoughts on “Filmed Brutal Teen Assault On School Bus

  1. “Criminal charges are being considered against the bus driver.”

    I’m SURE that’ll happen.

    Unless threre’s enough of an uproar from the sheeple.

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