First commercial case of bird flu in Kansas detected at McPherson County turkey farm

Yahoo News

The first commercial case of bird flu in Kansas has been confirmed at a turkey farm in McPherson County.

Kansas Department of Agriculture officials say the turkey farm was placed under quarantine after workers noticed signs of bird flu, or avian influenza, among their flock. The birds will be “humanely … disposed of” to prevent the spread of the disease, the release said.

In addition, other farms within a 12-mile radius of the quarantined farm will not be allowed to move birds or poultry products on or off their property without permission from the KDA, according to the release.

Four previous cases of bird flu have been found in backyard flocks, the release says. Two were confirmed in late March in Sedgwick and Dickinson counties.

The Sedgwick County Zoo closed all of its bird exhibits on March 9 after a positive case was announced in central Kansas. Zoo spokesperson Jennica King said Monday that those exhibits are still closed.

Poultry owners who have questions about bird flu should call 833-765-2006 or visit

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