Fiscal Cliff Legislation Passed – The Great Con Goes On

The fiscal cliff has been avoided.  The legislation was signed apparently in the middle of the night, which is when con men and thieves are at their best.  It is truly sickening watching the praise being heaped on the traitors in Washington for twisting the knife they have buried in our collective back.  Of course everyone understands what is really going on here, which is another stalling tactic.  The con man Barry Soetoro threw just enough money to his insurgent forces on the ground to keep them engaged in the theft of America.

The legislation raises taxes on those making $400,000 for a single person or $450,000 for a couple.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Considering the destroyed dollar, this puts what little is left of privately owned small businesses in the United States smack dab in the cross hairs.

If your small business is making $400,000 or less, Obamacare should be sufficient to bankrupt you.  If you are making between $400,000 and a million, Obamacare, combined with the new tax should be sufficient to wipe you out.  If you are already in the millionaire club, you are the ones who are getting the wealth being stolen from the United States.

Of course the added revenues that will be collected by the elite via Obamacare, the new tax, and $85 billion from QE3 into eternity and QE4 for a whole lot more will prop the devastated dying dollar up for a few more months and the status quo theft of our will nation continue.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric for the disarmament of we American nationals is being combined with more saber rattling in the Middle East.  Do you know the Iranians have the unmitigated gall to conduct war games off of their coast in their territorial waters?  They are asking for it and why we haven’t attacked them yet is beyond me because if we’ll fall for this fiscal cliff scam, hell we should already be engaged in Iran and Syria.

I’m sure the dual citizen Israeli-American Zionists are kicking back sipping Champaign right now, and in between bursts of laughter are saying, “I can’t believe they fell for it again”.  As forty years of brainwashing remains intact for just enough of the goyim, for just enough photo ops, to accommodate the propaganda machine and their fraudulent assertion of a government exercising the will of a people.

The only comfort is in knowing that once this issue is forced, the measure of punishment we will met out to our Zionist enemies is compounded with each new outrage.

We are pushing back but the Zionists are self destructive in that like a crack junkie, they cannot stop the stealing as their insatiable craving for absolute power has negated any common sense they might have once possessed.  They have become as rabid dogs and they must be put down before any of us can know peace again.

Get ready for the gun confiscation legislation and know that our enemies know it will lead to war and their destruction, for, as previously mentioned they are as incapable of stopping themselves as the crack junkie.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff Legislation Passed – The Great Con Goes On

  1. Round and round goes the merry-go-round. When is enough going to be enough? How many of us are going to die through starvation, homelessness, no medical care? WHAT THE HELL IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR THE STUPID PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY TO TAKE UP ARMS AND DO SOMETHING?!? What is with this retarded mentality “Oh look, they fixed it in Washington, DC, I guess it’s all better now.” Even those who read this site, how long can you keep telling yourself “Yep, that there sure sucks, and I sure am glad that Henry fellow did a good article on it. I guess we’ll just have to sit back and starve and/or rot some more, but by golly, that revolution is coming!” Is it?!? When? When you’re dead from starvation or being killed by UN troops? Happy New Year, it’s the same crap over and over and over again.

  2. But Sunfire, that’ll never happen here. This is America. The land where we just print more money when the stack gets low. Let’s ban guns and print more money so we can all live happily ever after in a land of eternal peace and love. There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…

    1. No, it’s more like: This is America. The land where the citizens just sit back and let the Rothschild’s central banks print more and more money at interest whenever the stack gets low and they want to take the whatever is left of the country’s natural resources. They want to ban guns and print more money so that Zion can finally live happily ever after in a land they didn’t have to lift a finger to take over.

  3. Have no fear or frustration. This will not last long as America pounds out the last of it’s death throws and the world slate is wiped clean. There is something about having to shit outside that sort of refocuses the mind. Stay tuned,it only gets more interesting from here on out.

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