Sandy Hook Reference In The Movie Pontypool

Published on Jan 2, 2013 by RantsAgainstMachine

It recently came out that in “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”, a map on a table prominently displayed the words “Sandy Hook”.

That Batman movie was playing in the Aurora theater where James Holmes supposedly went on a shooting spree. Aurora police tapes from that night clearly indicate that the whole thing was a drill. See, or Google “Jim Stone Aurora shooting”, for a comprehensive debunking of that false flag event.

Then, given that the Sandy Hook shooting occured in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there is the B-grade slasher flick “The Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” (2000), in which the killer only strikes in the wake of a hurricane!

Now, in the zomblie flick “Pontypool”, we have a police dispatcher referencing Sandy Hook. There are 911 references here as well. I did this video pretty much off the top of my head; others could probably offer more in the way of occult analysis.

Sent to us by the maker of the video.

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