Florida cop shown tossing peanuts at homeless man, laughing with deputies as man eats them off floor in booking video

NY Daily News – by Tobias Salinger

A Florida police officer tosses peanuts at a homeless man and reportedly talks to him like a dog in a silent booking video from the Sarasota County jail released on Monday.

The officer, Andrew Halpin, also points and laughs with several sheriff’s deputies as the handcuffed man with one foot shoeless and the other in a boot then eats the nuts off the floor, according to the footage exposed through a public records request by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Halpin had been giving the man, Randy Miller, a series of “dog commands,” a person familiar with the incident told the newspaper.  

At one point, Halpin kicks one of the peanuts at Miller as he writhes on the ground for the snack. The sheriff’s deputies don’t intervene in any way, and one of them appears to hand Halpin more peanuts to throw toward Miller early in the nearly three-minute video from July 18.

The booking video, which was released Monday through a local newspaper's public records request, shows Sarasota Police Officer Andrew Halpin tossing peanuts at Gary Miller after his July 18 arrest.

The video shows Halpin and several sheriff's deputies laughing as the man with one foot barefoot and the other in a boot eats the peanuts off the floor.

At one point in the footage, the officer kicks one of the peanuts toward the handcuffed Miller to pick up off the ground with his mouth.

Police had arrested Miller, 44, for trespassing and failure to leave a property upon order by owner in the city on the southwestern coast of Florida around 37 miles south of Tampa Bay, county records show.

Miller, who officers believed was drunk at the time, has been arrested 22 times over the past two years in Sarasota County on suspicion of crimes like trespassing, refusing to leave, and drinking in public.

But officials at the Sarasota Police Department and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will be investigating the officers who appear in the video rather than Miller, according to the Herald-Tribune.

Miller, 44, has been arrested 22 times in Sarasota County for crimes like trespassing and drinking in public, county records show. The officials weren’t previously aware of the incident before the newspaper brought it to their attention. But the sheriff’s office’s internal affairs division is looking into the deputies’ involvement, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office said.

And Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino suspended Halpin, who has been a Sarasota officer since 2006, after watching the video Monday morning, according to the Herald-Tribune.

“Based on the actions in the video, I immediately initiated an internal investigation on Officer Halpin,” DiPino said. “I’m disappointed in what I observed in the video, and placed the officer on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

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6 thoughts on “Florida cop shown tossing peanuts at homeless man, laughing with deputies as man eats them off floor in booking video

  1. They obviously we’re in gear for their lives. They will be put on paid administrative leave, and retire early with”bennies”. F#@king scumbags.

  2. Give Officer Halpin to me for 8 hours. I will initiate an attitude adjustment through my, “Temporary inconvenience, for Permanent Improvement Program”. He will come out of the program a nicer, gentler, mannerly woman.

  3. Should’ve seen some comments on msn on this yesterday. It was either trolls or sheeple rationalizing away the pigs’ actions by postulating that the homeless man must’ve been a danger and/or he was arrested 22 times so he deserved it!

    The sheeple bleated and it sounded remarkably like Stockholm syndrome.

      1. At least it is separating the wheat from the chaff? To some degree it is what tptb want but cooler heads will prevail at the moment. For the time being. .

  4. Only psychopaths would do such a thing. And only a psychopath-wannbe public, aka a narcissist public…which is what this nation is becoming…would approve of such psychopathic behavior.

    I pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I do not wish FEMA Camp existence on these narcissists, aka the American sheeple!

    But Christ said it: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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