59 thoughts on “Footage Of Michigan Police Shooting MENTALLY ILL Man Over 30 Times!

  1. That pig saginaw PD cheif said the guy had a long history of run ins with the law?, Well so have the cops had a long run ins with the public with false arrest, abuse of power, and just plain shooting people like they did in the video. I think they should take every one of then r`in pigs and torture each and every one of the ——s in front of their family members of all ages to show what happens to a pig involed with these actions. And I mean torture the pigs. It is clear that they were just taken time out to target practice on this guy. 30 + shots fired – screw that – that was blatant murder as how I see it. .

  2. Why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can. Why do cops shoot people? Because they can, without consequences. There were plenty of crazy people around 20 years ago, but not nearly as many cop killings. Why? 1) There’s many more cops. 2) Many more cops are going crazy, and their ranks are being being fueled by hopped up veterans of the military. 3) We, as a people accept this behavior, and I guess we deserve the slur “sheeple”. I don’t see any happy ending to what’s going on. Be well, all, Rob

  3. That was an execution, pure and simple. There’s nothing else you call can it.

    Those scumbags masquerading as law enforcement need the exact same treatment.

    Nothing less would suffice.

    1. That was just about the most murderous and vile action that I have ever witnessed ! Visions of the Nazi SS in Poland and Russia fill my mind. Where were all the tazer’s these god damned murderer’s are so fond of using ? If that had happened 35-40 years ago, those a$$holes would be spending the rest of their worthless lives rotting in prison. These days it’s become standard operating procedure. It’s time for payback ! NOW !!!!

      1. That is all that it was murder and they will once again get away with it or at most get a 30 day paid vacation at most I`d say. What ever does happen to a f-c-n pig cop. Nothing ever happens.

  4. All answer to a higher authority than US “legal” for their justice. They can only hope for Mercy. Very sad

  5. So let me get this straight:

    If you are unarmed and yell at a cop, you get tased. (The proper way should be to restrain the person using unarmed combat.

    If you are holding a knife in front of a cop, you get shot and killed. (The proper way should be to tase the person or use unarmed combat especially when you have FOUR police officers!!)

    So what’s it going to be if you resist a traffic ticket these days? A broken arm and neck?

    And cops don’t think this is all excessive force? Unbelievable.

    1. Umm, we’ve already posted what happens when you’re stopped for (forget about resist {unless you’re Randy Travis}) a traffic/stop sign violation… You get shot, beat up, strip searched (down to tampon removal on the street, in front of your children)…
      Yup. It’s unbelievable.

  6. The law says that like force is to be used to subdue or effectively arrest a person. Was 40+ shots from police “like force”? NO. Was it homicide under color of law? YES. The FBI needs to do a thorough investigation of “overkill”!

    1. Are you off your rocker Strayhourse – what you said is like a cop arresting his own family members. You are not thinking right even sugesting that.

  7. Here’s a thought… Once the police had emptied their weapons, they wouldn’t be able to return fire if some armed eyewitness decided to exact a little of his own ‘street justice’, would they? Hmmm. 6 cops, 6 bullets. Just thinkin’ out loud here.

    1. Funny, I had that same picture go through my head.
      Only it was someone with a fully automatic AK spraying a couple of short bursts, ensuring none survived. ( killer cops, that is ).

      Soon to be a reality, rather than a daydream, I have no doubt.

      1. It’s coming. People just aren’t hungry enough yet. When people start getting hungry then they will start being pissed off. That’s when the fun will truly begin.

  8. That’s right, here in America, you are so free that the cops have now become the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Piss ’em off……….GET DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. No digger, I’m afraid if that were to happen, the cops would just all start carrying fully automatic weapons at that point.

  9. I just read that he America police forces are being trained by Israeli companies using the same techniques used by the IDF in treating Palestinians. We are all palestinians now.

    1. Maybe you should just get on your boat and head on out of America and get back to your Palistinian country marcus!! Don`t you dare call us here on this site Palistinians F.U. marcus!! Speak for yourself marcus – I am an American.

      1. Diggerdan, You misunderstood the comment. Marcus was saying that the intent is to commit genocide upon us like the genocide being committed upon the Palestinians. I don’t believe there was any insult intended.

  10. Well maybe I may have misuderstood his comment Henry, but I am not going to make any excuses for my comment – you see – it would be like calling me a cop and that wouldn`t fly with me either. I`m an American Henry I`m no Palistinian.

    1. Right you are. And I was looking for no explanation, just trying to clarify the comment as I interpreted it.

    1. I hear you, brother. I myself have reached the age wherein I now understand how in the hell the old folks tell when it ain’t gonna rain no more.

  11. I am 69 yrs of age and I can tell you that the police of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s maybe even the 70’s would have found a better solution to this situation. Not in all cases, but most. The police of today have an attitude of its us against them, me first them last. I have been friends with many policemen from several different agencies throughout the nation and most of the old timers never pulled or used their weapons. It’s the mentally deranged officer backed by more mentally deranged officers most on steroids that have no respect for any life other then their own that are responsible for this type of action. While their are still some police today that think and act like the old timers, they are far and few between. This is only going to get worse. It is hard to cure something if most will not see or admit to there being a problem. Soon very soon, the day of reckoning is coming, and we will see how brave some of these men????? really are when the odds are even, and the people have had enough and take a stand and fight back. I for one would be ashamed to call myself a servant of the public and in particular a peace officer paid to protect and serve, if I thought this to be appropiate action, or could not find an alternative solution.

  12. 40 or 50 years ago a cop might disarm the man and give him a ride home and tell him to sleep it off thinking he was drunk or something. Maybe even come by the next day to give back his Knife! These cops today for the most part are cowards and only train to shoot no question about it. This was no less than a execution squad!

      1. Yehaw – you got the idea Clark. Hell – I think everyone would bring their own and have a wapatulie party to go with that kegger. It would be like taking a peice of the country back. It would be great. Think any cops would come though Clark – I would hope not ,but If they did that might be fun – we all could party on cops Eh. might be fun to party on a cop. It has been known to happen around where I am from.

          1. ya think. do they know how to behave Clark ? And that`s the trick question . Admin got a lot of responces to this one eh 46 so far. Good one Admin.

  13. I’m in total agreement with the previous comments . This was murder , pure and simple . You mean to tell me that all the so-called ” peace officers ” couldn’t have rushed this man and subdued him non-lethally . These pr#@ks ought to be ashamed at themselves . What a bunch of pussy-ass excuses of humanity .

    They need to be brought up on murder charges , found guilty , and thrown into the ” general population ” of prisoners for some real justice .

  14. This reply is to the moronic foreigner posting under the name Steve, whose comments were not shown. Hopefully he had the minimal intelligence required to check the box to notify him of follow-up comments, because I want him to see this.

    Listen up,Steve: We Americans are sick and tired of you foreign @sswipes blaming “We the People” for what our traitorous so-called ‘government’ does at the bidding of their Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘Jew’ masters. We have no more control over that than you do over your government in whatever country you live in.
    So climb down off of that soapbox ( better yet, fall off and break your neck ), and stick that ‘holier than thou’ cr@p where the sun don’t shine b#tch, because you, your family, and everyone you know are slated for annihilation just as we are by Israel’s Satanic agenda, capiche?

    1. #1, I couldn’t find his post’s either, because I was going to lay into that SOB. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, brother !

        1. Yes sir Clark. I think we all – on this site have common goals and igeas, and we do – I have found – support each other hear, unlike many others. I have been having prob.s wiht my P.C. so am going to contact my provider so I`ll see ya all later this afternoon. The same prob.s as Henery had. I even got the same provider as Henry. They just did some work here in Wi. last week and it has been nothing but a problem since. Till then guys. Keep the faith and always keep smiling if ya can!

  15. Everything written is based on belief. There are no ‘facts’ since all communication is an exchange of interpretation, opinion and recollection of things we encounter with our five senses, or most often things other people have given as their own belief (sometimes declaring ‘it’s a fact!’). Even if a majority of the people living on earth agreed that some order of things was real, it would still be belief as the exact opposite could occur at any time.

    This leads into what we living in a land formerly and currently known as the U.S.A. are experiencing. Enough people share a belief in an image, produced by a system called government, to make it that the image is deemed fact. Take for instance, the phrase ‘land of the free, home of the brave’. Now I’m sure that there are a lot of people that believe in that, while “in fact” they are free to do nothing and wouldn’t do a damn thing about it even if slavery were spelled out with chains and whips. But yet they believe they are ‘free’ and have the ‘brave’ry to maintain that. The same goes for democracy, republic, representative government, rights, liberty, and that all men are created equal, to name a few. These are all built up images, posited in the minds of the masses via massive advertising and voluntary repetition by the herd mind. But my belief is that a close examination by someone with the desire to remain outside and look in will reveal that none of this is even remotely true, that it is a monumental scam set up by incredibly great sociopathic manipulation.

    There are myriad reasons why the deception known as government follows the same looping morph from liberation to dictatorial fascism. Greed could be sited as the most common driver of the manipulation, usurpation and ultimately ownership of the lives of men. But if one took stock of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) you can easily place those in every level of the pyramid, multiple times over. Those are the icing on the cake. Those are the fringe benefits of a zero liability position of control over public funds, law, resources, security, military and so on. As a government man climbs higher up the pyramid, that man is farther away from any liability, far from being reached by the throngs of people on the ground below. Government considers living men, and all life for that matter, their property. Doesn’t an owner have the right to destroy his property? Can’t living men be property? You may say no, that’s slavery, but yet a slave master reserves the absolute authority to rape, sell, overwork, destroy and kill the slave.

    The ultimate rush, high, and goal of bureaucrat and politician, of the governmental organization and corporation, is murder without repercussion. All of the extortion, and deviant sex, and forcing masses into desperate situations of poverty, strife and fear, as well as hobnobbing it with similar ilk, are a distant second to killing people, or taking the natural life of anything for that matter. The perceived power inherent in that must be intoxicating, because the perpetrators of murder on all levels seek ever-greater means of committing murder, and not being held accountable for it.

    When cops have unbridled authority, basically shoot to kill license and oftentimes orders, then they act with such impunity. As do their bosses, and their bosses bosses. As do the manufacturers of the uniforms, the badges, the utility belts and weaponry. The lawyers that bastardize the legal authority are responsible, so are the public elect that champion it. The unions are responsible since they are knee deep in it. The manufacturers of the cars, radios and any other equipment used in the crime share in it. So do the corporations that are the only beneficiaries of the police to begin with. And ultimately, the people that kowtow to the system in a false belief that the police actually protect them are complicit in all of it.

    If you asked any of those organizations or people if they were complicit in murder they would absolve themselves of it, wash their hands Pol Pilate style, and let someone else deal with the liability.

    This government was founded on murder. There were people living on this continent long before the ‘founding fathers’ arrived, with their profit driven motives and revolution for land holdings. There was a genocidal holocaust long before the self-proclaimed victims of such, who coincidentally funded it all quite willingly every time it has happened. The United States of America was created by killing living men that inhabited the land. It was acquired by right of conquest, which is no right at all. It was taken by means more severe than we are seeing against the people living here now. Rest assured though, those means are easily repeatable by the men of government, and since they share no conscience or liability for any of it, they simply just do. Ultimately we are all the purveyors of our own demise until we can act in a manner outside of that, and find liability and accountability in the actions of men at every level.

    So these are some of my beliefs. I’m sure they are sticky for some people, to have someone say that you are complicit in murder as long as you support murder, in any fashion devised by organizations of deceivers. That’s a jagged pill. I’m not excluding myself from that, BTW, I’m just trying to seek a truth wherein I don’t have to include myself in that effed up premise.

    If you’re angry at this, and want to call me a name, even if it’s racist, like say ‘Palestinian’, what do I care? I don’t have the first clue what a Palestinian is. I’ve never entered their home, shared a meal, exchanged my images with theirs. Oh I know what the njewspapers and njewscasters tell us, but I’ve never lived a day in the life of a Palestinian. But a bigger problem, and one that takes serious consideration, is that despite all the bullshit sold to all of us on a 600 channel 24/7 advertising network with intended programming, do any of us know what an American is? It’s all image, isn’t it? The flag, the song, the pledge, the vote, the constitution, and ultimately the declaration must be fictional images otherwise each would act in the manner stated and designed to.

    Name one that does.

    This was written on the fly. It will be my new blog post… chewybees.blogspot.com

    1. sorry for using the term ‘racist’. There’s only one race of homo-sapiens on this planet. It’s called Man. The separation is created by the very same people that wish to commit murder and get away with it, and we are all caught up in it like fish in a net…

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