For a laugh

I learned two things taking a political science quiz this morning.

The first is a new term to describe the current government. Kakistocracy: A government that is run by exceptionally stupid people.

And the second was that at some point the constitution was changed to state that in order to be elected president a person must be a.) a natural born citizen b.) lived in the U.S. for 14 years, and be at least 35 years old.

I do not recall ever being informed of the changes made to the requirements to become president. Did anyone else know about it?

Jill in OKC

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5 thoughts on “For a laugh

  1. According to some like Russ Winter at WinterWatch, a kakistocracy is a govt. run by psychopaths…who despite thinking they are all geniuses really are stupid people.

  2. They’re not stupid.

    They know EXACTLY what they’re trying to do.

    The ones who think the enemy occupying regime is stupid are the stupid ones.

    The enemy is calculated, complicit and fully culpable and hell bent on enslaving US and more than willing to torture and murder US for profit and gain.

    The “stupid card” is what keeps some People from using their heads as soccer balls and their rotten carcasses as pinatas.

    No mercy either way. NO F’G MERCY!!!

    They are one and ALL G’d traitors to the People and the Republic.

    Part and parcel, all these sob’s will HANG or be fully LEADED.

  3. I think the definition of some of those words has changed. As words are infinitely malleable.
    Like lived in
    Years old.
    Oh and naturally Born
    and citizen.
    14 might not mean 14 anymore either considering in California now 14 year olds can consent to anal sex.

    All infinity malleable.

    They even took a Hebrew and called him a Jew and now joos are chosenites who don’t believe said Hebrew existed and that they are superior to God.

    Next week they will say who ever worked in government longer deserves to be president and the election is not needed as trump was actually a mistake and they will erase the typo all while still pretending the government is legitimate and has always been of for and by poor people. I mean as long as their not white or Asian or Hispanic or Arab or straight or think for themselves.

  4. Let me be clear about why I believe kakistocracy describes the current government. I believe that those who are willing to trample on others for personal gain are stupid, therefore those currently holding office are stupid.

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