William Z. Foster quotes

“No communist, no matter how many votes he should secure in a national election, could, even if he would, become president of the present government. When a communist heads the government of the United States–and that day will come just as surely as the sun rises–the government will not be a capitalist government but a Soviet government, and behind this government will stand the Red Army to enforce the dictatorship of the proletariat.”
— Sworn statement by William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party of the United States, 1945-1947 

“The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and also, the whole body of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers and so on.”
— William Z. Foster

“A US Department of Education – implementation of a scientific materialist philosophy; studies, being cleansed of religious,
patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology; students taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism,
internationalism and general ethics of a new socialist society; present obsolete methods of teaching will be superseded by a
scientific pedagogy.”
— William Z. Foster

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  1. “I am not naturally a man of violence, but there is one thing from the thought of which I shrink more than from violence or its consequences, and that is the thought that our people may not rise to throw off the death that is being clamped upon them.”
    — William Gayley Simpson


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