5 thoughts on “Former Marine: Govt Training Police, Military To Kill Americans Who Resist

  1. Who else would be training people to kill Americans but terrorists? It’s not too hard to find who your local terrorists are. I for one am considered by many to be an American so I must assume I’ll be a target of these terrorists training to kill us Americans. It’s only logical.

    1. BAR members who choose to ignore the 13th amendment have now created policies that somehow say it’s ok to train to kill Americans. This is their understanding of law, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and common decency. If you won’t let your freedom or personal property be taken without due process you need to be killed according to these BAR members. Remember, it’s the British Accreditation Regency calling Americans the enemy. When the time comes act accordingly.

  2. I don’t believe a word of this. The caller sounds more like a frightened homo than a Marine, and everything Alex Jones is saying seems designed to scare the politically aware into silence. (they’re going to mow down 9-11 truthers, patriots, etc. etc.)

    After that nonsense he goes on to peddle some weight loss techniques, and that’s when I turned it off.

    How do people watch this foolishness? It sounds like he attended the Dave Hodges school of fear mongering.

    1. right on JR …….as soon as I heard the caller’s voice I shut it off….AJ, the agent provocateur has scripted callers ……many listen to him and will take this bs as truth

  3. “… military training to kill those who resist the takeover of america.”

    Didn’t know there was specific training for killing one nationality over another.

    Be that as it may, how many are there even left after all the overseas shipments.

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