FOX News: Pete Santilli Tells Cinncinati His Side Of Story About Being On Terror Watch List

Published on Dec 20, 2015 by Pete Santilli Show

*** Here’s the FULL audio of the interview that was ultimately chopped up and censored by FoxNews:

Fox19 in Cincinnati at least gave Pete Santilli the chance to tell his side of the story — Much of the the actual interview was left out but not to worry we have it and will be posting the full interview a little later — Until then, enjoy what we have!! Off The Hook In The Morning With Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan

6 thoughts on “FOX News: Pete Santilli Tells Cinncinati His Side Of Story About Being On Terror Watch List

  1. This cointelpro a$$#ole shill has the balls to say the arresting officer was “very professional, was very Constitutional.”

    That’s how you know this guy is a fraud beyond any doubt. Hearing about him on msm news to support and praise oathbreaking cops for enforcing “terrorist watch list” policy” should be enough to prove that to you.

    Controlled opposition is growing in response to the growth of truth, resistance and disbelief in their usual techniques. More and more aj types are going to be popping up like whack-a-mole!

  2. “Terror Watch List”? Which one?
    1. the real list.
    2. the bogeyman list.
    3. the list to discredit political opponents.

    Well Monte, I’ll take door #3!

    Martist, I know nothing of this man but it sounds like he’s A.J.’s brother by your comment. I’ve followed your comments for some time now and I’ll trust your judgment on this brother.

    1. Thanks, Millard. My misgivings are that he, as a patriot and truther, he’s not even bitter about a watch list, cops are just doing their jobs, and he’s ever so thankful he didn’t get his ass blown away by a guy with a badge “just following orders” while breaking his oath. He expresses and supports governmental permission for permits that are already a violation of the Second. Stockholm syndrome? Boot-licker? Controlled opposition? Idiot who never read the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Regardless, he is dangerous and not to the enemy, but to us, as he has followers and a radio show. He reminds me of Hal Turner and Mark Kessler. Guys like this can easily redirect patriots from the real perpetrators of this predominately false terror here in the US, and have them point their weapons at us imho.

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