Fox News – Radio Traffic Confirms Pete Santilli & Vehicle Both On Terror Watch List

Sent to us by a reader.

Published on Dec 20, 2015 by Pete Santilli Show

Fox News initial nightly news broadcast has confirmed via recorded transmission of the radio traffic of Pete Santilli’s arrest that both the vehicle and names matched the terrorist watch list. Contrary to what Newtown Police Chief conveyed to local media on scene during the arrest, it would be astronomically improbable chance that any other “Pete Santilli” driving an Isuzu Trooper anywhere in the United States.

The anomalies about the circumstances surrounding Pete Santilli’s arrest are now surfacing, and will undoubtedly be clarified in a court of law in the near future.

Why was the Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan on the telephone with DHS for over an hour? What did they tell him about Pete Santilli? Was Synan instructed by feds to back peddle publicly on Santilli being on the terror watch list?

ATTENTION INDEPENDENT MEDIA & “TRUTHERS”: It’s time to do as good of a job digging into the details of what is happening to a Patriot U.S. Marine as we all do with “False Flags”. Was Santilli setup to be watched; followed & then shot? Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan were one trigger pull away from death thanks to the “terrorist watch list”. Now, through Chief Synan, the Feds may be back peddling to cover up their covert tactics.

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