France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jew Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars

c7YvfwcDaily Stormer – by Michael Slay

Jews have been known to fake attacks on themselves in order to generate sympathy (and shekels) from the stupid goyim. This latest example comes from France, which is a country that the Jew-run media has been focusing on a lot recently as a center of “resurgent anti-Semitism.”

Here, we have one such case of this terrifying resurgent anti-Semitism.  Feel sorry for these Jews, goyim.  


A sexagenarian was caught Monday trying to tag the word “Jew” on vehicles of the 16th district. The man and his wife, both Jewish, had filed reports in July and August following a complaint about anti-Semitic discovered in their building.

The police had strong suspicions that have been confirmed. Monday around 4 pm, a man was caught writing the word “Jew” on parked vehicles on avenue du General-Clavery, avenue Dode de la Brunerie in the 16th district. Twenty cars have been tagged. “The police handcuffed him, and booked him. “Me, I said, but he is crazy for doing this.” An official said.

The suspect was taken into custody in stride. This sexagenarian named Pierre B. was already known to police, not as a suspect but as a victim. Last summer, he would indeed twice visited the police station of the 16th district to denounce anti-Semitic remarks.

Uhhh… move along, goyim. Nothing to see here.



4 thoughts on “France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jew Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars

  1. “Jews have been known to fake attacks on themselves in order to generate sympathy”

    Have been known to? Show me one time when it WASN’T a Jew. Every time they catch someone scratching swastikas into cars, or spray painting some anti-Semitic graffiti it’s ALWAYS a Jew. And anywhere you see a cross burning, or a KKK gathering, it’s ALWAYS the FBI

    Think about it…even if you hated Jews with all of the hatred they deserve, what would you gain by spray painting a swastika somewhere? Why would someone burn a cross? Do they think all the black people will pack up and move?

    This nonsense is ONLY done to generate headlines, and increase racial divisions, and no one, regardless of how much hatred they may harbor, would trouble themselves to bother with that nonsense. Qui Bono?

    The only exception I’ve seen to this wasn’t racial. I’ve seen “yuppicide” and “die yuppie scum” written on walls in NYC, but I’ve never seen racist graffiti anywhere.

  2. AND…the big thing: NO COVERAGE of this, as compared to the Charlie Hedbo 24×7 false flag coverage. Wouldn’t you think the “news” (lol) would make this a big story, and then follow-up questioning if Charlie Hedbo was a false flag, due to this story being connected to it?

    Think about it: if this guy wasn’t caught, the “news” would say:



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