France submits to Islam: 70% expect country to become Islamic

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Jack Moore reports for International Business Times, Aug. 26, 2014, that a new poll by ICM Research found that almost a sixth (16%) of the French population have a favorable disposition towards the jihadist group ISIS or ISIL (now known as the Islamic State).

The younger the respondent, the more likely they were to have a favorable view of IS, with the youngest age group, the 18-24 year-olds being most favorable.  

Worse still, France has witnessed a growing threat of terrorism in recent years as hundreds of young French Muslims are believed to have flocked abroad to fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, with the potential to return home as radicalized members of society.

ISIL’s territorial ambitions are evident in its name — Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Levant today consists of the island of Cyprus, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey. (See “ISIS: the savage jihadists laying waste to Iraq”)

New LevantOn June 29, 2014, ISIS/ISIL declared the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate or State (thus, IS or Islamic State) straddling the Syrian-Iraqi border. The caliphate is a political institution that the Islamic State claims will govern the global Muslim community. (See “A sober look at ISIS’s declaration of a pan-Islamic state or caliphate”)

Since then, IS has declared it intends to take the Caliphate to the United States. Senior Pentagon officials describe the IS as an “apocalyptic” organization that poses an “imminent threat.” But Army general Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, believes the IS is more a regional threat and is not plotting or planning attacks against either the U.S. or Europe.

Meanwhile, yesterday in a press conference, Obama admitted he doesn’t have a “strategy” on dealing with the IS.

Below are excerpts from an essay by Professor Guy Millière’s* “France Submits to Islam” of May 13, 2014 for The Gallstone Institute, which paints an even more alarming picture of France than the ICM Research poll results.

More than 8,000,000 Muslims live in France, most of whom are French citizens, and the Muslim population in France continues to grow. France is now the main Muslim country in Europe. Successive French governments can decide to expel a Muslim preacher or a recruiter of jihadist fighters; they can deny visas, but they seem unable to do more.

Although the French government denies it, it seems clear that substantialransoms were paid to Islamist groups for the release of French hostages: $28,000,000 to al Qaeda in Niger in October 2013 and $18,000,000 to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in Syria, on April 19.

The creation, on April 25, by French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, of a counseling center, website and telephone hotline to « advise » parentswhose children are in the process of radicalization seems almost ridiculous. Entire neighborhoods are controlled by Islamist preachers and Bernard Cazeneuve knows it: officially, administrative authorities call these neighborhoods « Sensitive Urban Zones, » presumably because at any time they can explode. Unofficially, the police call them « Sharia Zones », and have been ordered by the Department of the Interior to keep out.

Political leaders of all parties know that most elections cannot be won if the Muslim vote is neglected, and the leaders of the National Front are no exception: Marine Le Pen has long ceased to incriminate Islam and now attacks « crime » and « immigration » without providing details. Sometimes she may denounce « calls to jihad » and « fundamentalism », but takes care not to go beyond that. Although she criticizes Qatar or Saudi Arabia, she says that France should become an « ally » of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and asks her « fellow Muslims » to join her fight against « American globalism and its Islamist allies« .

A « Collective Against Islamophobia in France » is gaining ground: it handles complaints against any critical remarks about Islam, and it can rely on the courts to punish offenders. A « League of Judicial Defense of Muslims » was also created in 2013 by Karim Achoui, a lawyer disbarred because of his links with organized crime. No anti-racist organization dares denounce Muslim anti-Semitism, and none of them criticizes speeches such as the one given by Hani Ramadan in Le Bourget.

Jewish institutions do not denounce Muslim anti-Semitism, either: they speak of an « unhealthy climate ». When, on April 28, during a tribute ceremony to the Jews deported from France to Auschwitz, Arno Klarsfeld, a member of the Council of State and son of Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, said that « some of the suburban youth are anti-Semitic, » he was immediately summoned to appear before a judge.

NGOs fighting the Islamization of France are now marginalized. Their leaders are persecuted by the justice system and severely punished. The mainstream media demonize them. The main one, Riposte Laique, organized ademonstration on March 9. About four hundred people came. Three or four years ago, Riposte Laique could gather several thousand people. […]

The number of Jews leaving France is steadily increasing. French people who have the financial means also leave the country. Most others expect the worstPolls show that the French are now the most pessimistic people in Europe. They also show that more than 70% of the French are afraid of the rise of Islam in France: theyexpect that France will become a country under submission to Islam.

*Here’s a biographical sketch of Guy Millière, using Google Translate (French into English):

Guy Millière (specialization: economics, geopolitics)Holds three doctorates,he is a professor at the University Paris VIII History of cultures, philosophy of law, economics and communication lecturer at Sciences Po, and visiting professor in the United StatesHe contributed to many think tanks in the UnitedStates and FranceExpert to the European Union in bioethics, Speaker for the Bank of FranceFormer visiting Professor at California State University, Long Beach. Translator and adapter for French language site.Columnist to Metula News Agency, Israel Magazine, Frontpage Magazine,upjf.orgMember of the Editorial Board Overseas Land, geopolitical magazinedirected by Michel KorinmanEditor of the journal Liberalia from 1989 to 1992he participated in the work of the American Enterprise Institute and the HooverInstitution. He has lectured for the Bank of Francehe participated in the publication of books liberal contemporaries as The Constitution of freedom ofFriedrich Hayek in 1994 in the Liberalia collection and collection “In the serviceof freedom” that it has created, published in 2007, Pathways was also editor ofthe journal Liberalia eponymous 1989 to 1992, and was vice-president of the Institute of the Free Europe and Chairman and member of the Scientific CouncilInstitute of TurgotIt is part of the director of the Alliance FranceIsrael led byGilles-William Goldnadel committee. He is the author of more than twenty books.


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  1. Obama has no strategy to deal with ISIS, because there is a desire to see this succeed.
    The opinion shown in France is the strategy, and it is working.

  2. I honestly don’t think any of these ISIS members are bright enough to have put this together and create “fear” for the mass’s alone. Which means they have had guidance and financial help. Number 1. Those flags have GOLD fringe. You, say what does that matter??? That gold fringe was added on the US flag after the “crown” takeover. That’s right we’re a British colony with a defacto corporate corporation running America. Number 2. The Rothschilds are in control of America, as well as the see EYE a!

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