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  1. This is good to see & it’s obvious there are people in New Zealand that hate this “covid” BS as much as us.

    But let’s also just do a little reality check along with that (from sources that live in, have lived in & regularly visit both rural & urban areas of New Zealand & also communicate regularly with friends there)…

    They used to say that New Zealand was a land of sheep that outnumbered the people by a huge percentage. Now the sheeple outnumber they’re superior intellect four-legged counterparts! New Zealand is pretty much lost (debatable obviously) & globalists know that New Zealanders on the whole are the weakest, most gullible & pussified go-along-to-get-along population in the world. That’s why they use the New Zealand population to test all kinds of globalist BS before they unleash it on the rest of the world – Eftpos was a great example of something perfected by field-testing in NZ. Now with this “covid” BS 99% of them mask up every day & do exactly as they’re told by the talking heads. I’m almost certain they probably have one of the highest death shot rates in the world at the moment also. The average New Zealander will believe anything you tell them on TV & in conversation you very quickly learn that all their “knowledge” of politics, history, science, etc is merely parroted lines from last night’s TV shows. Go live there for any length of time & you’ll see exactly what I mean! I’m not attempting to sound overly negative here, just stating some very obvious fact that you can observe for yourself living or visiting there. We talk about aussies giving up their guns but New Zealanders are even worse! The mosque shooting in Christchurch was a perfect example – no matter how many times you show the average NZer ALL the glaring stage theater & taunting mistakes in the shooter video their programming absolutely does not allow them to question the mainstream narrative. One of the main responses you will get from NZers is “Why would they lie to us?” I really feel for the few purebloods there who still have common sense, their intellects & their honor intact as they see their family & friends around them drop like flies to this most evil of jewish deceptions. I wish them all the best in their struggle, like ours, to make sure that TRUTH is victorious over lies & GOOD is victorious over evil!

    1. Well said, Ally. I was listening the day you came up on the broadcast for the first time. I loved it. You have the voice of a fierce and ferocious warrior, who takes no prisoners.

      Have you heard of Vinny Eastwood? He is a New Zealand truth warrior. His broadcast is called the Vinny Eastwood Show. He covered the mosque shooting. My favourite Vinny Eastwood line describing the NZ occupation force which calls itself the government is, “putting the douche in the feduciary.”

      1. Thanks Diana, I appreciate that 🙂

        Yes, I saw Vinny Eastwood when he first started broadcasting years ago as a fairly young guy. I’m actually a little bit wary of him to be honest. He started out aligning himself with Alex Jones & I always thought that maybe he was being set up as controlled opposition in New Zealand supplying rabbit holes for truth seekers to get lost in. He always sounded a little bit forced to me in an Alex Jones kind of way always saying lots of the right things but to me there was always something a little “off” about him. Just a feeling I’ve always had about the guy & I could be wrong but he’s been a career “conspiracy guy” for a while now & always turns up to events midweek so I wonder how he gets money to live if you get my drift.

        1. You’re welcome, Ally. Vinny was barely surviving on viewer donations via superchats before youtube shut it down. I lost track of him, along with many of the others out there, which, at the moment, I don’t even remember, when I found the Trenches 3 years ago, via Wardo. I think one of the last of the best of them still out there, is Spiro. The Trenches is the only source for me, now. Among the best of the voices in my ears these days are Henry, Deon, Misty, Katie, Galen, Jamal, Mary, Mark, Charlie, the caller from Pennsylvania, Mark Knopfler and the music voices who are part of the daily broadcasts. I really like your voice as well. Although the Canadian voices rising up these days, are good, too, it all comes down to what I learn here at the Trenches.

          1. Martist, shills are everywhere, all the time. That’s why I love the Trenches so much. Zero tolerance for shillery (is that a word?) of any kind. Always on point, and always true.

  2. In defense of Kiwis, gotta say that over the last two years I’ve seen some pretty heavy resistance there. I read they’re well armed and most weapons are not registered so the authorities have no idea how many they have. I write this because I gotta believe there is a freedom spirit there that has been rising and will rise further, as we, the people of the world take back our lives. MSM shows mostly the compliance, and rarely the heroes. And also I have to believe there are some Kiwis who read here at The Trenches, and to them I say, “Keep fighting however you can. The same way I believe in myself and American Nationals, I believe in you!” Once, a teacher, in pushing me to overcome some limitations recommended that I not identify with the norm but with the exception. That helps me to see some exceptional Kiwis, Kiwis readying to go the distance.


    1. Point taken galen & I’m with you 🙂

      Without giving away too much I guess all I can say is that I have some pretty extensive personal knowledge & experience of New Zealand. While the people that are genuinely resistant to the powers-that-shouldn’t-be there are strong & vocal in their resistance, their “visible” percentage is tiny in the overall population compared to other countries. This “freedom convoy” thing there lately is probably the most New Zealanders I’ve ever seen gathered in one place to “protest” anything. Keep in mind it’s summer there at the moment & they’ve been consistently getting some very nice weather there lately plus this video was probably taken on a weekend. I wonder how many would turn out if they had to do it the temps the Canadians have been getting out in?! In my experience & that of close friends & family that live there the average “kiwi” is VERY compliant & VERY naive about real world politics, history & anything else that really matters. Of course as in most countries the difference between people living in urban centers & those in rural areas is glaring. However, when you consider that up to quarter of the country’s population live in the largest city, Auckland, and then you have other large percentages living in the smaller few cities up & down the country then it becomes apparent that the overwhelming majority of kiwis today have much more of an urban or suburban (liberal) mindset or worldview. There are 2 very important thing to add here – 1. The main centers, especially Auckland, are going through a house-building boom since laws were recently changed to allow multiple multi-storey dwellings to be built on land that previously only had ONE dwelling on it &, 2. The floodgates have been open especially in the last few years to allow a flood of non-European “refugees” & immigrants from third-world countries to rush in. Chinese though by far make up the largest numbers of immigrants & they have been buying up most housing for sale in the largest cities & inflating house prices by just bidding well above everyone else. There are some parts of Auckland now where you can walk down the road for 10mins & never see a non-Chinese face! ALL these immigrants are VERY compliant new “citizens”!

      As far as guns go, again that is much more of thing that country people are brought up with BUT only for hunting & shooting agricultural pests like rabbits, etc & a bit of sport shooting. It is mostly just hunting rifles then & maybe a shotgun for duck shooting (which in most cases is limited to a week in May every year!). As mentioned above, country people are becoming an ever-increasing minority in New Zealand. Gun laws are VERY tough in New Zealand & guns are NEVER to be used for self-defense. Anyway, long story short, I don’t normally reference wikipedia but for simplicity sake here’s the entry about New Zealand gun law for quick reference –


      I love New Zealand & I generally love many New Zealanders but I’m just attempting to add some perspective here. As I said before, spend anytime living in or visiting New Zealand, more specifically the cities there & especially Auckland, and you’ll see exactly why I say what I do 🙂

      1. Thanks Diana and Ally. We each look through our own lens, see what we see, and do what we will with it. Individualism is quite an amazing phenomenon and it even allows for seeing the other guy’s perspective. This is so corny but now I keep thinkin’ of that old Frank Sinatra song, “I Gotta Be Me.” Ha!!


        1. galen, I Gotta Be Me. Always learning. One of the best things I learned before I found the Trenches is once you start to believe anything, that’s when you stop thinking. The word, “lie”, sits right smack dab in the middle of that word. Another thing I go by is, “use your intelligence intelligently”. I learned this from John Trudell, leader of the American Indian Movement. He wrote a powerful song called “Rich Man’s War.” If you haven’t ever heard it, you might get the chills as he lays it all out for the freedom fighter to grab on to. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fDOZ00A1aos

          “Living in Reality” is another one of his songs that lays out what it is like for the people who suffer under the jack boot of the oppressor. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hD3Gd4BEo_s

          1. Thank you. I like these lines:

            “With lies for ancestors
            There is no truth in some futures”

            and these:

            “The knowledge of infants and elders
            Separated only by years”

            This makes me think how we owe our children fierce truth, mature honesty. Like the kids of centuries past, who as early teens, worked, and fought, and sometimes even took on leadership positions, our kids also have that in them; it just needs to be brought out, nurtured, seasoned.


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