Austrians Being Stopped Randomly By Authorities And Forced To Prove They Are Vaccinated

Summit News – by Steve Watson

After Austria became the first European country to mandate COVID vaccines for the ENTIRETY of its population, details have emerged on how the government plans to enforce the measure.

Reports note that citizens will be stopped randomly in the street and pulled over in their vehicles and forced to comply with vaccine status checks by the ‘authorities.’

If, heaven forbid, a person is found to be unvaccinated they will be fined on the spot, with the penalty increasing for each violation.

A first ‘offense’ will mean a €600 ($687) fine, with subsequent violations reaching up to €3,400 ($3,890).

The Austrian government will check citizens’ vaccination status against their vaccine registry. Anyone found to not have two vaccines plus a booster will be punished accordingly.

The development confirms previous reports that the Austrian government will hire people to “hunt down vaccine refusers.”

Indeed, this is merely an official confirmation of what has already been happening in the country. After the government placed the unvaccinated under an unprecedented lockdown, footage emerged showing police patrolling shops and highways checking people’s vaccination status.

Days after imposing the lockdown on the unvaccinated, Austria hit a new COVID case record.

In addition, the Austrian government has shortened the period in which vaccinations remain valid, meaning citizens are required to receive their next dose 90 days earlier than previously.

SchengenVisaInfo News reports that “‘From February 1, 2022, two-dose vaccinations are only valid for 180 days in Austria (exception: 210 days for under 18-year-olds). However, for ENTERING, the 270 days remain in place. The booster vaccination is valid for 270 days in both scenarios,’” the Austrian authorities explained.”

The government has put a sunset on the law, for January… of 2024, meaning Austrians face at least another two years of COVID tyranny.

As we have previously reported, an amendment to the law could also see those who refuse to pay the fines for being unvaccinated imprisoned.

The amendment also orders people who are jailed to pay for their own imprisonment.

“If detention is carried out by the courts, the associated costs shall be recovered by the courts from the obligated party in accordance with the provisions existing for the recovery of the costs of enforcing judicial penalties,” it states.

No one will be “forcibly brought” to a vaccination center to get jabbed against their will, although rest assured, they will be “forcibly” placed behind bars if they continue to refuse.

It remains to be seen whether other European countries will follow suit. Several countries have begin to scrap restrictions, including vaccine passports. However, the EU wants to keep the passes in place for another entire year.

Summit News

2 thoughts on “Austrians Being Stopped Randomly By Authorities And Forced To Prove They Are Vaccinated

  1. Until recently, we usually only see this level of tyranny in developing countries. To see it in the 1st World is such a bold fronting of Communism. I say, all eyes on Austria and its people. They are armed. What will they do?


  2. I can only speak for me; and I can only pray they try this here. You will see exactly what an American does, when Nazi, Stasi Goosefkrs dare to try this. Funny how they are pulling back all over the place and yet many Countries, Places are pushing harder, ie; Hawaii….. only just yesterday did Maui state they are pulling back from requiring boosters and Oahu too… Yet the CIA Mockingbird Propaganda press is standing strong with all their advertising of the Government authority… ad nauseum….

    and I hope these maggot politicians and Gov Employee Phillip Dru’s (1984 reference) don’t think they are gonna walk away from their crimes and participation in this shit, along with the DOH and the Advertising companies getting rich on all the Fed funded Commericials on and on….the list is huge…!

    So sick of this, which we knew was in the Game cards long ago…. We know the Solution to All of this NWO BS…. I guess the clock keeps ticking yeah… !

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