Fukushima – Cover It Up

Never in all of history has a world event with such reaching consequences to human life as those represented by the meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima been so thoroughly and absolutely covered up.  By now the effects of the radioactive pollution from the plant have encompassed our planet and, as higher radiation levels for the aquatic life in the Pacific Ocean are scantly reported, life, or more probably death goes on as if nothing of any real consequence has actually occurred.

After the meltdown of a single reactor in Chernobyl in 1986, there seemed to be a constant vigil to track the spread of the radiation and the consequences to human life in the Soviet Union and around the world.  But back then, the coverage served a political purpose.  We weren’t to look at the failure of Chernobyl as a consequence of the bad decision in building these death plants, but rather the inferior system of government in the Soviet Union that allowed the failure to occur.   

In the instance of Fukushima, this was the last thing we wanted because Japan had been Americanized and the technology and the use thereof, including safety measures, were written by the United States.  That and the fact that Japan’s liability to those affected by that government’s negligence would have had to be recognized.

I saw a headline come across the television screen this week that said, “Japanese officials now believe some radiated water from the Fukushima reactors may have leaked into the Pacific Ocean.”  What?  Could it be that at this point in time our memories are supposed to have been erased by our exposure to the radiation?  Is this an attempt to rewrite recent history?

Not only was it previously reported that radiated water from the plant was leaking into the ocean, but those of us who were watching the events unfold know that radiated water from the reactors was pumped into a tanker ship, taken offshore, and deliberately dumped into the Pacific Ocean.  Not only were those reactors leaking then, they are in fact leaking now, as nothing has been done to stop the hemorrhaging.

The Japanese government and TEPCO are guilty of crimes against humanity, as their neglect is compounded through their continued neglect and complete disregard, not only for human life, but for all life upon this planet.

After Fukushima, the spotlight was put on failing plants across the United States that are leaking radiation into our environment every day.  But as the danger to multi-billion dollar, US taxpayer subsidized, contracts began to enter into the equation, payoffs and coercion quickly brought the enlightenment to a dead halt.

There have been a couple of mentions of the leaking nuclear waste storage facility in Hanford, Washington, but the criminals running these operations seem now to be completely immune, not only from investigation and prosecution, but even criticism.  Look at the big picture.  If the international DISASTER at Fukushima, which is still poisoning this planet, can be completely overlooked, what consequence is a few leaking barrels in Washington State?

This is the equivalent of standing on train tracks with a locomotive bearing down on you and making no effort to move out of the way because somehow the completely ridiculous notion that a train will not kill you if you stand in its way has been put forth, and in some unimaginable way, accepted.

Just for the record, radiation is not good for us and will indeed kill us.

There needs to be disclosure as to the extent of the contamination from Fukushima, past, present, and future, and someone needs to be made to take responsibility for the greed motivated negligence that led to the catastrophe.  Or maybe the banksters are at the root of all this, in which case, the new US doctrine comes into play, which dictates that there are those among the criminal elite too powerfully corrupt to be reproached.

16 thoughts on “Fukushima – Cover It Up

  1. “I saw a headline come across the television screen this week that said, “Japanese officials now believe some radiated water from the Fukushima reactors may have leaked into the Pacific Ocean.” What? Could it be that at this point in time our memories are supposed to have been erased by our exposure to the radiation? Is this an attempt to rewrite recent history?”

    Yep, I remember seeing that article too. I was thinking that same thing. DUH! Radiated water did leak and they said it hundreds of times at the time of the incident and now they are making it like it never happened but MAY have happened? I’m sorry, but I wasn’t born yesterday and since that happened 2 years ago, it is still very recent in the minds of people, so therefore the facts given during the event are still fresh in our minds and cannot be easily changed that quick.

    Wake up call to the MSM: People just aren’t that stupid anymore.

  2. …I noticed yesterday….that in Missouri they have a Nuc-plant at Callaway that is beginning to leak..supposedly…and I recall the decision years ago…and the argument about building a Nuc-Plant on one of the biggest fault lines in the world…now they are shocked that it is leaking? Also…look at the bigger picture, both in the US and across the planet…I think the elite have written the US off as the waste plant of the world…oil-destroyed gulf coast…radiated west coast… radiated Mid-America….twenty-million caskets waiting to be used…EMP warnings for the East Coast…trains running off their tracks all over the place…wild fires….huge fires across the west….?

    Is it me…are does all that seem extreme for one year…/ season…?


    1. “Is it me…are does all that seem extreme for one year… season…?”

      a) must be one of those conspiracy nuts
      b) it is all phony
      c) it is Bush’s fault
      d) racist!

      Choose wisely :p

      1. Well…in intelligence circles there is the strategy of “constructive tension”…that has been employed around the world for hundreds / thousands of years…creating havoc and destruction that appears to be random, but puts a great burden on society’s resources, monies, etc?

        But it sounded a lot funnier to try to belittle me? I hope that was fun for you? BTW…ask the folks in Spain who died on that train…oops.. you can’t can you? Well then…how about asking the dozens of witnesses who heard explosions before the train came off the track? Now..what about two trains being on the same track and hitting each other head-on..in Switzerland? No…no co-incidences there eh?

        Sad…very sad…you are like the woman the other day..when I referred to “thermite tainted” steel from the WTC…this woman wrote back….”termites can’t eat through steel”…that is the level of discourse or discussion that one would expect from you…and your government shill personality…or is it more like a paid profession…like prostitution?


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

        1. Obviously you are too socially and/or politically detached to know the relevance of my comment.

          Each of those statements are commonly used, perpetually used liberal retorts to to things where they have no legitimate answer that will not unseat their position or opinion.

          Perhaps you should spend some time in the open society & occasionally watch some of the media from the other side (ie: MSM) to gain at least a fundamental grasp as to what the few Americans are facing in the fleeting moments of a once great nation.

          To take the time to learn about the opposition (those that seek to eliminate the founding principles of America – liberty) is far more effective and beneficial than launching into a overblown retort based on speculation and an ill conceived conclusion. A fine example of a logical fallacy you have worked up, I’ll grant you that.

          Your segue into some woman, termites, thermite & a tain disater in Spain are far removed from the simple point I originally made. No apologies for going over your head. However if you would like I can put foot notes in future comments for your better understanding of my comments.

      2. @Cynicles….
        I guess you ran out of stupid things to say after d) racist!. or was it that you couldn’t remember what came after d) ?….Answer = e)

        1. Your weak attempt at an insult is very telling of your nature.

          Seemingly you could not gather the point of my comment either… but insults (even low grade ones) seemed to have worked just fine for you.

          No need to understand something when you can simply employ ridicule 🙁

  3. Hmmm… Here on the West Coast, there have been reports of increased radiation that fluctuate with the weather. Nobody seems to be counting, here, but a decade after Cirnobyl, there were studies looking into the effect on various animal (insects included) populations. They found (and this has been since corroborated in the Fuk-us-hima exclusion zone, that there was a 25% to 30% decrease in numbers across ALL species; birds, wolves, bears, bees, butterflies, and… humans; well, nobody seems willing to admit that, being mammals/animals, humans are subject to the same environmental pressures as any other species. Will we thus see a 30% decrease in the human population? Only time will tell.
    Seems to me it was the plan all along; maybe it was part of the push (money) behind pro nuke propaganda from the beginning.
    You know, I miss eating salmon; something about plutonium is not appetizing…

  4. I see the big cover-up designed by the wealthy (and moreover a certain subset which we all have to stay silent about) to continue in manipulating up world stock markets, particularly the present 3 times overpriced US markets per real GDP growth of negative 10% upon proper accounting. The end result will be a third world wealth divide. Most have lost 20-40% and some up to 80% when rightfully shorting the overpriced markets. Had the markets been allowed to fall just a bit more in 2011, short-sellers would have at least a chance to get out without losing much and the special interests involved didn’t want that to occur. Gambler and otherwise ignorant people of the false rosy economic data win and all those using their brain are forced to lose.

  5. we can all petition ,protest and picket all day long and they are still going to promote nuclear power .they insure the companies that run the plants that we pay for .then when something goes wrong <we get the fall out from it and get taxed to pay that back.it seemed that when fukushima happened they tried to cover it up like always throughout history and started talking about building news power plants.this one project in south texas .obama is funding with the same company TEPCO that is running the cleanup at the fukushima power plant in japan .what sense does that make.when i was a kid i always heard that if somthing like fukushima was to happen it would be the end of the world.why we dont need it .its not safe its not clean and it cost billions of dollars and they still claim that it does.one gram of cesium 137 134 dispersed as a gas would make central park uninhabitable .one particle of cs 137 is so dense it contains as many atoms as the world has grains of sand.think about that please.

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