2 thoughts on “FURIOUS dad makes school board listen to sexually explicit material available to kids

  1. Yeah, the material given to the kids is horrendous, meant to dehumanize/kill dignity. But I wonder if this father, rather than just reading it and shaming the school and its programmers, considered doing a little more damage? And I hope he pulled those kids out of that school. Also I sure would like some follow-up on this. It will go on as long as the parents let it, as long as we all let it.

    If only The Easter Bunny could tell the truth, could let the young ones know they are being attacked in a way that appears helpful but is deeply harming them. If only. And oh, that’s right. THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY!!!


  2. This is written kiddy porn and those that display it to minors are pedaphiles and should be charged as such. The charges are all felonies numerous, people have been tried and sentenced for the same shit and other similar acts defined by government guild lines also state statutes

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