Gas Prices Reach All-Time High on Monday — Up 20 Cents in One Week and DOUBLE the Price Since 2020 Election

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Gas prices jumped 20 cents in the last week to $4.328 a gallon on Monday according to AAA. This is less than half a cent from Joe Biden’s all-time highs in March.

According to Gas Buddy the price per gallon is back at $4.33 per gallon.

Gas has doubled in price since the 2020 election back in November 2020.

This is after Joe Biden released gas from the strategic oil reserves in April.

Much of the gas went to India, China and Europe.

Figures: US Oil Reserves Released by Joe Biden to Go China and India — Will Not Put a Dent in US Gas Prices Here at Home

Gateway Pundit

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