Georgia police officer shot to death making arrest at Waffle House

Yahoo News – by David Beasley

ATLANTA (Reuters) – A Georgia police officer moonlighting as a security guard was shot to death after attempting to arrest an intoxicated customer in the parking lot of a Waffle House restaurant, police said.

The officer’s brother then shot and wounded the shooter, according to police.

Kevin Jordan, 43, a police officer in Griffin, Georgia and father of seven, tried to arrest the drunken woman on Saturday, police said.  

The woman’s boyfriend, Michael Dwayne Bowman, then shot Jordan five times in the back with a .40 caliber pistol, said Griffin Police spokesman Michael Richardson.

Jordan’s brother, Raymond Jordan, who had been visiting in the parking lot at the time, then shot and wounded Bowman, said Richardson.

“I don’t want to be bitter. My only regret (is that) I didn’t kill him,” Raymond Jordan, told Atlanta television station WSB.

Raymond Jordan is a licensed gun owner and has not been charged in the case, said Richardson.

Bowman was taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition, said Richardson. Bowman has been charged with murder as has his girlfriend, Chantell Mixon, the police spokesman said.

Kevin Jordan, who once lived in Chicago, was an ex-Marine and four-year veteran of the Griffin police force, Richardson said.

“He was very well liked, very well respected among his peers, in the community,” said the spokesman. “It was a big loss for us.”

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6 thoughts on “Georgia police officer shot to death making arrest at Waffle House

  1. 7 kids?

    I hate people who have so many kids. Now social security gets to feed their fat little faces.

    spay and neuter your children!

  2. a security guard making an “arrest” on someone drunk ? WTF?
    your a security guard, dont go acting like rambo just because your day job is a prick in uniform, (besides moon lighting as a security guard for cop is re-dick-ulous , thats a part time min-wage job for a kid, and that kid would have been smart enough not to take on the drunk alone)

    if he would have minded his own buiz he’d gone home, but noooo he had to inject his awesomeness into the fray and get killed..reality sucks , guess what he didnt have? he didnt have his 10 cop buddies to back up his jackbooted ways and got his a$$ handed to him

    one less pig to listen to squealing if you ask me

  3. Boy, Waffle House has been getting a lot of incidents lately. Are they going to be the newest establishment to ban the 2nd Article. I know they are big on supporting the troops and the Constitution and being an American company, but one has to wonder.

    In regards to the man that died, I have no sympathies for any cop. If he was an ex-marine, he crossed the line when he made his choice by working for the enemy. He may have been a good marine, but he’s not too bright if he made his choice to join the enemy. I don’t care if he was in the right or wrong in this incident.

  4. Maybe if cops were not killing civilians at their every whim the people would not shoot the cops. You gotta shoot the cops before they multiply and kill you. You know the cops are going to kill you so why would you wait for them to do it. Kill them first while you still have a chance. That is what all these cops who murder people are teaching the people to do. The good cops are going down with the bad cops, just like the good people are going down with the bad people, the cops don’t care who they kill so they should not expect the people to care in return. Cop motto: Kill them all, it is justified. People motto: Kill the murderous cops before they kill you.

    Personally, I don’t want anyone to die but the time always comes when you have to fight back, and once people get mad enough to fight back don’t start crying because they don’t stop to verify if a cop is a bad one or a good one. People are angry, the government made them that way. What did the people in authority think would happen, that the people would bend over and take it up the arse forever without complaint?

    I think the government knew all along the people would start to rebel that is why they have bought all the ammo and guns, set up security and watch everything you do, set up FEMA camps to imprison you by the millions. This whole thing is a setup. This country has to fall if the new world order is to take place. Look for society to unravel in every way, look for everyone to hate everyone else and attack each other. Who is left at the end? Then bankers who pull the strings and laugh at you cattle while you destroy yourselves for them.

    1. “The good cops are going down with the bad cops,..”

      Good cops?

      The only good cops I know of are all wearing dirt overcoats.

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