Germany’s June Floods – the Most Expensive Natural Catastrophe In German History a European HAARP exercise?

Before It’s News

The pointer in this German Sat24 Meteox weather SAT is indicating possible concentrations of what might be emissions from the High Altitude Auroral Research Project’s activities in Europe – mostly conjecture, is HAARP being used in Europe as well as in the U.S.?  

Without proof, we just have to duck and hand over the biggest natural disaster insurance payout… ever: More than eight billion US$D … Quo Bonum?

”The final size of claims is not yet clear, but it is well possible that it will end up being the most expensive natural catastrophe in German history,” Peter Hoeppe, head of the firm’s Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre, told Sueddeutsche Zeitung’s Tuesday edition.

Peer Swiss Re said on Monday the June floods that hit central Europe may cost insurance companies $3.5-4.5 billion, more than was paid out for the last major washout in 2002 but only half of one previous estimate.

The forecast from Swiss Re compares to an earlier warning from a damage modelling agency that losses could top $8 billion.  More here.

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