16 thoughts on “Gold Beach, Oregon – Chilling with Spike and Digger Dan….

  1. I sure miss digger… broke my heart when he passed away.

    Thanks again, Mark. I picked up a new really warm camo beanie & camo gloves.

    Looks like winter might come earlier this year.

  2. I didn’t know digger but from all the comments I see here about him…it is surely my loss

    I did know spike and I miss him ….floored me when he died

    Thanks for sharing pics Mark

  3. Looks and sounds like a good group of fellas out there on a beautiful American beach. Raising a beer to all you guys and Trenchers as well, past but not forgotten, and present. May we all be in heaven half an hour before the devil even knows we’re dead and those that fought the fight get the news about our victory.

    1. Wow, geez, Hal, such haunting, beautiful music. But the story haunts, too.

      Long live the pipes!! They are so much more than music.

      Thank you!!


    2. Trying to compare to what is happening here. Nothing more.

      Lucky to comment at all lately.

      I love you mofo’s, and will do my part!

  4. Mark I had no idea you looked almost exactly like I remember my dad who died (in a hospital from MRSA) in 2005…but with glasses. Blessings!

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