Gold Coast Doctor Warns: ‘There Really Is No Future In Being Unvaccinated’

My Gold Coast – by Monique StClair

A stern warning from the Gold Coast University Hospital’s Head of Infectious Diseases, as Queensland prepares to open the borders in December.

Recent modelling by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute shows that we could be dealing with around 1,200 a case by August next year.

Chief Health Officer Doctor Jeanette Young says she’s confident our health system will be able to deal with that, by sharing the load of covid cases between hospitals around the state.

On the Gold Coast, our health sector is projecting between 4,000 and 16,000 symptomatic cases in the first wave, which could be within weeks of the border reopening in December.

Head of Infectious Diseases at the Gold Coast University Hospital, Doctor John Gerrard, has told Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’, that it’s the non-vaccinated that will cause huge stress on the health system.

“We know that it’s the vaccine-hesitant, the people who aren’t getting vaccinated now, who will have a big impact on other people who are trying to access hospital services in the coming weeks and months,” Dr Gerrard told Nine.

“So, (there’s) the complete ratbags who believe in conspiracy theories and … I just don’t know what to do about them.

“The other group … are those that are hesitant.

“These are people that have tied themselves in knots reading everything they can on the internet, everything that’s published, until they’ve got themselves confused and they don’t know how to interpret the information,” Doctor Gerrard said.

While Doctor Gerrard says the health sector is concerned about the slowdown in vaccination rates, they also know that the only way to go is forward.

“We cannot stop the country functioning, we cannot keep the borders closed forever, so it’s time for us to move on and we are prepared to do that even though it will have a major impact on the hospitals,” Doctor Gerrard said.

Most alarmingly, when Doctor Gerrard was asked what the future looks like for Australia, he said he couldn’t even see it for the unvaccinated.

“For vaccinated Australians, life is going to return to normal – pretty well normal – within the next few months,” Doctor Gerrard told A Current Affair.

“There might be minor impositions on their life and there may be some forms of Covid passports etc, but by and large for vaccinated Australians, life will return to normal.

“For health care workers, the impact of Covid-19 will last for some time and we’re only just about to feel the full impact of it.

“That will probably last for months, possibly even years, for health care workers.

“And for non-vaccinated Australians, I cannot see the future.

“I do not see what will happen for them in the future, I think this will impact them until such time as they are vaccinated.

“There really is no future in being unvaccinated in Australia, just go out now and get vaccinated,” Doctor Gerrard said.

My Gold Coast

8 thoughts on “Gold Coast Doctor Warns: ‘There Really Is No Future In Being Unvaccinated’

  1. “Just lie there and take it and we won’t hurt you. If you resist us in any way way, we’re going to punish you” is what I gleaned from this megalomaniacal basturd.

    He’s talking the talk but in for a surprise.

  2. Oh yeah?

    My blood is fcking pure you diseased sac of shit
    Never had any of this pushed bullshit in my body
    None of it
    And now my blood is going to be worth sooo much coming in the future when society finally wakes up to the damage done
    And I have the means and attitude to protect what’s mine
    You silly fukers that bought the lies of your government’s will pay with your lives
    As history just keeps repeating itself and the sheep to blind and dumb to see it

    1. That sums it up nicely

      I’ll add for this so called Doctor…. Not a single fkn bullet has been fired yet in response to this NWO attempt to get their agenda going….

      A special set of ropes will be made for scum like this, perhaps out of the entrails of those hung before them, like maybe the Pfizer execs and political elitist…!

      That way they can feel special and superior as they are dispatched…!

  3. Oppress, verb: keep someone in subservience and hardship, especially by the unjust exercise of authority.

    Suppress, verb: forcibly put an end to; prevent the development of; restrain; partly or wholly eliminate.

    You bast*rd!! You WILL NOT take my future. Just wait and see what happens to yours. You oppressive piece of dung. You’re a suppressor dishin’ oppression.


  4. Recent modelling by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute…”

    There’s that “modelling” again ie. virtual ie. NOT REAL!!!

  5. Angr… Who wants wake up to sh*t to deal with EVERY FCKG DAY!!! They the oppressors know no bounds. Quick Trial … HEMP ROPE!!!!

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