9 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom explains rare hiatus from public view at 2021 CA Economic Summit

    1. To me it looks like he had a Left face droop (look at his eyes) with a s**tty attempt to treat/repair/compensate for it. Even his voice was raspy. Like one vocal cord wasn’t working well. Maybe Bell’s Palsy? It didn’t hold back Sylvester Stallone’s movie career. “Adrian!”
      Or maybe he had a partial stroke? You be the Judge.

  1. who?
    and why TF should anyone care?

    all of these political hacks need to end up with zero name recognition , unless its for treason

      1. Can’t remember if it was you or EOTS who always said: “Look at his hands!!” It got me trained into observing that. I come from a family of laborers. Hands showed how very much they gave to life. 🙂



  2. The reason why I sent this one in was to show that after coming back from his hiatus after taking the booster shot, you’ll notice his hands are twitching and body is shaking like someone who took a shot and is experiencing involuntary spasms. I guess they didn’t give him the placebo this time.

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