3 thoughts on “Guess they have a lot of time on their hands.

  1. Those 2 vids are so bizarre, even macabre. Are they mocking us? Someone suggested to me that they are trying to expose the lie. Either way, this is such a strange phenomenon that is escalating. Disturbing, to say the least.


  2. Gee…It looks like there are so many COVID cases overloading the system that the hospital staff has nothing to do. (Sarcasm)

  3. Goddammit. I went to Medical School and became an Anesthesiologist. Why. To make Surgery possible and less painful for people. I can’t stand people screaming in pain. Natural childbirth was a trip to hell for me. I’m not Mother Theresa. Even though I’m intelligent, it’s possible I can be ignorant about certain things. I read and educate myself to correct any ignorance. Stupidity can NOT be fixed. These people are all Stupid Idiots. Although retired, I never tell anyone I am a Physician. I’m too f**king embarrassed. I know lots of very intelligent people. They are, nonetheless, Stupid Idiots and have taken the vaccine shots. WTF? I’m not special. This was as far from my area of expertise as possible. But I can read and research this. I am literally stunned at how intelligent people can be so stupid. They could read and research and fix their ignorance. They have nearly all chosen to be stupid idiots. Avoid people who have gotten the vaccine(s). They are much more likely to spread the Flu…oops…CV to you. I shake my head every day at the stupidity of humanity.
    It’s sad.

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