Gun Auction Site Marks Industry Milestone With $3 Billion In Sales

Breitbart – by Kerry Picket, the world’s largest gun auction website, announced Friday it reached a historic occasion since its launch in 1999. The online firearms and shooting gear auction site reached $3 billion in online sales.

According to a press release, “ is an informative, secure, and safe way to buy and sell firearms, ammunition, and hunting and shooting gear online. promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms.” Steve Urvan, CEO of, will be in Las Vegas Tuesday at the annual Shot Show convention where he will be presented with a commemorative plaque in recognition of his site’s success.   

Nationwide, gun sales have been at a record high and according to reports, over 21 million applications were put through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) just last year. A number of analysts claim that the rise in gun sales and new gun owner ship is due to new regulations the Obama administration has either put forth or has threatened to push.

2 thoughts on “Gun Auction Site Marks Industry Milestone With $3 Billion In Sales

  1. So elite, does this sound like a country willing to surrender their arms and the right to use them against a tyrannical regime ?
    We smell your fear , we read your lies , we know the truth , you are acting like a cornered animal , and if you don’t stop pushing , we might just show you where our line is drawn
    Stop the bullshit , leave office , go to prison and serve your time , or face what you have been pushing for , your loss will be our gain , we have the resolve and we are on the right side of The Lord and the law
    You play the game .. You take your chances
    Molon Labe bitches

  2. Come and take it,sir.You fight your battles and I’ll fight mine.Look out for each other we’ll get along fine.

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