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  1. The picture of “Victor Thorn” shown in the MEME illustration above is actually Steven Anderson, the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona. The real visage of Victor can be seen here:

    Darzak has no official opinion regarding Victor Thorn…(AKA – Scott Makufka). It appeared to me that he was an ‘exposing the illicit paradigm’ type of patriot, and the books he published would have certainly made him a target for assassination. However, I can make no determination to be able to vouch for his Christian morality or temporal faithfulness to our mutual liberty, even considering the dozens of hours of his interviews that I have listened to. All the above-board interviews and books he wrote appealed to me as things that were on-point and truthfully presented. My issue with him has to do with the relationship he had with his partner Lisa Guliani, and the particulars involved with the ending of their relationship/partnership in the patriot presentations they made together.
    Ask Lisa about his character…..she spent more time with him than I did. I believe he threw her under the bus, but I do not have first-hand knowledge of the facts. Even faithful and true patriots of liberty have moral failings, and I do not want to be seen as standing in judgement over Victor, particularly since he is not present to defend himself. I do not intend to disparage his work for Liberty, which, as I suspect, is the reason for his untimely demise, I just understand that there is more to every man than appears on the surface, including Henry, JD and Myself. I have seen SO MANY frauds and pretenders that I have become jaded as to the possibility of believing that anyone with any social prestige is the real deal.

    I WILL say that, by and large, we have lost a significant asset, to the detriment of our cause for freedom. Y’all best watch your backs to be sure the same does not happen to you.
    Molon Labe

  2. The ” Grandma Cereal Killer “.
    This possessed demonic reptilian archon entity will go down in history as the “Ted Bundy” of Americon history.
    Guns don’t kill pee pole.
    “Clinton’s Kill people”.

  3. The third photo in the bottom of the graphic is Pastor Anderson from Tempe Arizonas Faithful Word Baptist Church…..still alive and well as far as I’m aware….faithfulwordbaptistchurch.org

    just an fyi

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