HAARP Attack Deep South Deep Freeze Across Eastern Half Of The USA

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While much of the Eastern half of the United States is now in a mega-deep freeze with temperatures below zero up and down the Eastern half of the US and negative 30 to 40 degrees wind chills in some places, the deep south is preparing to be pounded by a late January snowstorm that is bringing Arctic temps, snow and ice to the region. Was this latest polar vortex and series of winter storms across the Eastern half of the US brought about by HAARP? A look at the HAARP graphic below lines up perfectly with Accuweathers weather graphic below it. The Weather Space’s ‘HAARP Status’ page reveals magnitude frequency ranges between 7 and 9, typically associated with strong storms and severe weather, in the same regions as those now being hit by ‘paralyzing’ and ‘crippling’ weather. Has HAARP caused all this mess as suggested in the newly released video below from Jarreau24?

M6 – M9 – Significant change is expected. Anything over M7 is rare and special attention must be directed when readings go seven and higher. Severe storms are associated with this reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event and a long duration and slow build being a large scale change.


11 thoughts on “HAARP Attack Deep South Deep Freeze Across Eastern Half Of The USA

      1. and staying home! I had to leave the house yesterday and go to a co-workers house, her and I are on the same project, and she is a bit north of me. Well I am glad we decided to meet on Monday! They have already closed parts of I-49, and the basin bridge on I-10. I went yesterday and bought a lot of fresh vegetables, to last through our HAARP induced winter storm, so we can juice our breakfast!!

        1. Got relatives in that area and throughout Louisiana…stay warm and safe Missy and wish I could make you some cajun gumbo…you are one of my faves on FTTWR!

          1. Well thank you sha!! I could use some gumbo right now it is cold!! The stupid doors on my house are old and they let cold air in!! Hey if you ever come visit the south let us know, I can cook a pretty good gumbo and my crawfish etouffee is delicious!! Matter of fact crawfish season is kicking off, and I love me some crawfish!!!!

  1. Of course it’s HAARP. It’s always HAARP. Just look at the maps. Unless the weatherspace website is manipulating the data on the map, it’s pretty clear that it’s HAARP. Not rocket science.

  2. Check out The Political Port videos yesterday on youtube on HAARP in California. It’s disgusting what they are doing.

  3. Due diligence is required in digging deep for truth, knowledge and understanding, with much apprehension, questioning and proving all theories. One thing is certain, there is overwhelming documented evidence which proves our weather is not natural anymore, but rather, it’s manufactured by TPTB even weaponized.

    Let there be no doubt among us that the technology does exist on land, underwater and in space and is even beyond the scope of what is commonly known and even that which is not. What we also now experience and suffer is Earths own attempt towards her own balancing from these adulterations of natural law, which they have usurped as they compound her efforts to their will by their manipulation upon us all.

    Please be not naive in thinking this is not so, or even possible, but rather, know a much more sinister agenda is at hand by TPTB who do control our weather, not only here in the States but also around the world.

    In ones search, one can add WeatherWars101 YouTube channel in your own reviewing and continuing search of different perspectives under your own studies, proving all things. Always keep searching, keep connecting the dots where they lead you and keep what only resonates to you… but, one thing is certain, take great caution in your understandings of what is being presented by NASA, the Weather Channel and others of the mainstream 24/7 media machine and their affiliates in their control.

    For indeed, one would do well for themselves in so doing, knowing you are not being told the truth about anything, other than what they want you to believe in and what they want you to know, by their dissemination of their truth by their great cunning and stealth to deceive you, having great resources and great technology which fool and deceive many that have not done their own study, but just accepted what they said was happening.

    Knowledge is a precious thing; let us not perish for the lack of it, as we have been forewarned.


    1. Thank you, that was very deep. And you are correct knowledge is a very precious thing. The Bible does state that we perish for a lack of knowledge. You are correct in everything you have stated.

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