9 thoughts on “Had a visitor this morning

  1. Not use to seeing a Bobcat without spots and a scruffy, lynx face. Looked like a mountain lion/cougar/puma with a bobcat tail. No such thing as a hybrid. Thought you may have a first of it’s kind. LOL Really had to search but, found a few Bobcat photos that look like your cat. (They’re mixed in this link of Bobcat vs Puma photos)

    1. Yes Angel, she is a bobcat, here in NW Kansas believe it or not we have had 3 reported cases of mountain lions too. I think I’ll try to domesticate her or one kittens for my attack cat. LOL

    1. I named her Bobbie after my mother. Meow meow kitty Bobbie meow meow…..lol. How we talk to our Sasha kitty who so wants to go outside yet I don’t want to share another chicken/kitty story any time soon with the Trenchers. LMAO

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