10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jill!

  1. I wanted my son to hold her down for a spanking, but considering the number of licks I was afraid I would beat her to death…

  2. Yay.

    Now make a wish.

    And blow out the candles.

    K is very lucky.

    Which reminds me… of how unlucky I am.

    My x wife just had a birfday….

    My sonz made her a cake.

    When she blew out the candles.

    My sunz asked her what her birfday wish was.

    She replied….

    I hope ur dad fkng dies.


    Can ya feel the luv yet…?

  3. Happy Birthday, Jill!! I still remember drawing strength from your trip into admiralty court and standing up for yourself. All those steps matter so much. May you have a lovely birthday and a wonderful year!!



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