Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


Took this pic this morning on a hike with my wife and her uncle. We are spending the weekend in the woods for Thanksgiving. We are in Fairmont, BC.



10 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your wife Jim. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods and the critters too.
    . . .

  2. Nice!

    Spent some time in Canada – twice. Once back in ’72 (mostly Ontario – Toronto, London, Parkhill, Grand Bend (GREAT party town!), and again in ’07 on vacation, mostly in B.C., but also went to Lake Louise & Banff.

    Beautiful country.

    1. We live quite close to Banff. South and west of Calgary. But are spending the weekend on the warmer side of the Rockies. We saw 2 bear cubs and their big momma about 30 minutes after I took that picture. Freaked my wife right out. LOL

      1. My bad. I was there in ’05, on my first major road trip with my car.

        Don’t know what I was thinking. I went to N.Z. and Australia in ’07.

  3. Jim, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife! Thank you for posting the beautiful photo. What a lovely place to spend Thanksgiving!

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