Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 2021
As we enter 2021 this new year, we are thrilled and abundantly grateful for the steadfast support we have received from our dedicated members throughout 2020. Thank you for your commitment to standing with Israel and the Jewish people. We are looking forward to continuing our efforts this new year!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. And may your wallet continue to pay for my extravagant life style, my over indulgence at the local strip club, and most importantly, the next payment on my new private jet sitting on my private airport you shelled out for as well. God bless you all, and may you all kiss my worthless corrupt ass.

  2. Backing just another shade of blue…light blue, in this case.

    Support your slave massah. he couldn’t be one if you don’t let him.

  3. I won’t listen to this false preacher, not worth my time. I like the Shivleys “Happy New Year” greeting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better, and it’s actually genuine. As far a ol’ Haggee, your judgement is a comin!

  4. If Haggee is to be judged it will have to be by the people. There is a reason why all three of the Abrahamic religions first priority is to destroy the gods of other nations . Because those gods typically represent the best qualities of the people such as courage, wisdom, independence, and loyalty to your people above all else. Yes Christianity does that too which is why it the duty of Christians is to spread the good news (thus replacing and destroying those Gods/ideals)They replace them with their monotheist god Yahweh who is an authoritarian jealous god who demands absolute obedience servitude. And in the words of George Carlin “He needs money. He always needs money.” Does the great Yahweh sound familiar? He should. He demonstrates the exact qualities as the system of governments being imposed of free people’s all over the world. That’s no accident. They know if you will submit and unquestionably worship an authoritarian tyrant god above all else (including family and freedom) on blind faith, you will eventually submit to their tyrannical rule as well. That is why Christianity, despite having so called same God, says the meek will inherit the earth, turn the other cheek, submit to authority. It was designed to be exploited. It was designed by the creators of Yahweh, the Hyksos/Hibiru/Hebrews now known as Jews, to open those nations up to exploitation. Paul/Saul dad sat on the Sanhedrin. And they have always sucked and used the same tactics. Going all the way back when they tried to overthrow Egypt 3 times and Akhenaten, the Hyksos pharaoh (who was in fact king David and there was never a fucking temple in palestine under david and perhaps not Solomon either) setup his monotheists authoritarian government to try to take complete control over what was the most powerful nation in the known world back then and thus it’s trade network. Of course they make the claim they were slaves back then and being oppressed when in fact they were the oppressors. They got kicked out of Egypt and were pursued bc they stole a lot of gold on the way out of town. Sound familiar? And what was the first thing Akhenaten did when he took the throne? Destroyed and outlawed all other gods that had been traditionally worshipped and replaced them with the one true God. And surprise he was the only conduit between the people and that God so they had to submit to him and pay him tribute. Sound familiar? They have been using same exact tactics no matter if they are Sephardic or the Khazars. I am just saying don’t look to any God that was constructed by these pricks to offer any help or judgement. You will be mighty disappointed and waiting a long time (which we don’t have)

  5. I don’t need you, the master of the dual covenant saying Jews don’t have to accept Christ as Savior and thereby condemning all Jews to hell for eternity (and yes, some Jews will deserve it, and hate to burst your bubble but Jews in Israel are accepting Christ as Savior…ever hear of One for Israel Ministries, who also work with Palestinian Christians?), and I don’t need you telling me Christ has shined a light on me (in February, 1997) and I don’t need you to bless the US when the US is cursed beyond measure unless We the People take back our Bill of Rights that you couldn’t care less about…. Please, Rabbi Hagee, move to Israel and “bless” your Talmudic overlords while you’re at it.

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