Harney County Judge Grasty’s Brother is BLM

End the BLM

We’ve not heard this anywhere else. We came across this information during routine researching into the Hammond Case.

We have discovered that Judge Steven Grasty of Harney County has a brother named Brent Grasty who is a Planning & Environmental Coordinator / GIS Specialist for BLM (the Bureau of Land Management, Vale District.)  

Here is the documentation below to support our claims of a family relationship between Steven E. Grasty and Brent L. Grasty. What does this mean? We’re not sure! But it isn’t something we’ve heard up until we discovered it, and we have to assume this info is deliberately being kept from the public.

We will update this post if we find further relevant info, such as potential conflicts of interest. We are currently reviewing additional documents.

In the interest of transparency, we’d like to point out that the BLM Vale District office does not cover the Harney County area, but there may be joint management of project areas that cross jurisdictions.

We’ve provided screen-shots of the pages as well as links to each page – in our experience, web pages with evidence of anything have a tendency to get flushed down the memory hole at warp-speed from time to time.

Obituary of Scott Grasty

PAGE LINK : http://burnstimesherald.info/2008/03/19/scott-lewis-grasty-%E2%80%94-1951-2008/

Scott Grasty – One Great Family Website

PAGE LINK : https://www.onegreatfamily.com/fh/Scott-Grasty/560883759

Leadership Directories – Brent Grasty – BLM Employee

PAGE LINK : [Cache of Page – Original Page has been removed.] http://bit.ly/1nu7IT9






5 thoughts on “Harney County Judge Grasty’s Brother is BLM

  1. Interesting.
    Great research.
    Conflict of interest?
    Plus, I believe that this Steven Grasty is not a judge. It’s just an honorary BS title for the head of the City Council. I haven’t confirmed that info.
    Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find any evidence of a law degree?

  2. Let me guess they’re all LDS.
    SURPRISE! mthrfkrs.
    Its one of the dirty church sects fighting with communists and masons.
    Or it’s the masons having a turf war with the church and communists.
    Take your pick.
    No matter what the order is….
    Us human cattle are they’re spoils of their war.
    At a certain age in life you just get tired of people trying to Lord over you.

    No church…. no judge … no cop … no communist.

    I’m fkng tired of asking permission to live and survive.
    It’s my God given right.
    Its also my God given right to be left the fk alone and live in peace.
    Its also my right to shoot the next person in the balls that tries to
    infringe on my right to be left the fk alone.

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