15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Started To Cough Violently In Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Dammint….. when is this witch gonna just cough gag and choke to death…?
    I’m sorry…. I didn’t really mean that.
    I take that back.
    I’m just choking.

  2. So…. WHAT IF …
    What happens if Hitlery dies on the campaign trail? OR, What if Donald’s poll numbers go through the roof and every other reliable indicator says Shitlery is going to lose?

    1. She’ll still win because she already been selected. That’s just my take. She’ll probably be disqualified before the inauguration day and thus putting Barry in office for an unprecedented third term. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Stop saying it’s an allergic reaction…. you have a deadly disease, and are about to croak. Just F’ing die already and let us get on with the celebration, you Satan-worshipping b**ch.

  4. Just clearing her throat of a foreign substance deposited by one of her donors. “Pardon me while I cough up this foreign substance.” Presidential flem, I don’t even want to think about what’s been in her mouth.

  5. Holy shit! This woman is completely unfit and too sick to be president or running for president for that matter. My goodness! How can anyone vote for her after all of that coughing. And don’t make it so obvious by grabbing that pill and putting it in your mouth and then drinking water.

    I mean come on… This is worse than when Bob Dole had a slight seizure when answering a question during a presidential debate with Bill Clinton. We all know how that turned out. Just wait until she debates Trump. She’ll be coughing up a storm before answering a question, which will be way worse than Bob Dole’s seizure moment.

  6. This reminds me of that Japanese politician after the Fukushima disaster:

    “There’s no increase in radiation. Everything is fine.”, as his nose starts bleeding in front of everyone on live TV.


  7. Just look at this evil monster. And look at her partner in crime, Bill. This is what evil does to people. They are eaten by it from the inside out, now wasting away as their debt to Satan comes due. Only God can save them now.

  8. Yup. She’s healthy as a horse alright! Cough, cough, pop a pill, drink some water, repeat. As her other evil minion (soros) stated the other day, trump will win the popular vote, but Hitlerly will still be president. The Father will strike these devil worshippers down and I hope it’s soon.

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