11 thoughts on “SpaceX UFO Explosion – Slow Motion!

  1. Just remember UFOs are not real.
    Heck …If I threw a rock and hit you square in the head with it and you couldn’t identify it.
    Technically it could be classified as a UFO
    Now tell the ER that when the surgeon pulls that rock out of your ear.
    Then see if your government medical insurance covers that sht.

  2. U.F.O. = Unidentified Flying Object. Not necessarily extraterrestrial, just not something that anyone has been willing to honestly say exactly what it is. THAT footage my friends, if real, was a deliberate act of sabotage.

  3. Now.. in all seriousness. No joke here.
    I gotta tell ya…. people are now trained to look down.
    They never look up.
    No matter what you think of me.
    I’ve lived in a state that has nothing but clear skies and stars at night 80% + of the time.
    If you don’t live in an area like that then you cannot contest my statements.
    Living in Vegas for 15 years + I have seen some sht in the skys.
    One day…. I saw a glowing ball as bright as a star in the daytime over Mt. Charleston towards area 51.
    Now living underneath the flight line of McChord AFB for 25+ years.
    I think I might know what a plane looks like.
    Planes blink…….
    UFOs….do not blink….they pulse.
    This is just one of my sightings.
    Middle of the day…clear and hot.
    A glowing star in the middle of the day that’s how bright it was.
    Stationary in one place.
    A plane…. possibly….?
    But the oddest thing was when it turned a bright orange.
    I ran inside to get my HD film camera but when I came back it was gone.
    Maybe it was just a Southwest flight coming in…right…?
    This is just one of a few.
    One of them was with my son as a witness.
    Out here now…. I have a 360 view of clear skies at night.
    You wouldn’t believe some of the sht I’ve seen at night.
    We’re not talking….drunken stupor … I have a witnesses.
    My biggest question I have is…..
    Are they ours…or theirs…?

    1. “Are they ours or theirs”.? Valid question flee. I live far far away from the testing fields of Nevada. One night, years ago I went out to run an errand. I pulled out of the driveway, looked to my left, and above my house, I shit you not, was a triangle thing hovering over our house. When I think back, something… Something…. Made me think it was normal. It literally took years before I realized what I saw. My husband was home at the time, and to this day he asked why I didn’t back up and warn him. He gets it. I get it. It (whatever it was and as crazy as it sounds) something was there, and it tried to block it out of me, but I know what I saw. Crap, I don’t even want to post this comment, only my husband knows of this and I sound like a loon. But it feels good to air it! Henry’s got Bigfoot. So boom, were on the same ground. (Grin) :). Yeah I’m gonna do it and post this. Please don’t flame me!

      1. We all have seen these things.
        But since we have been programmed to pack it away.
        We cannot share this information.
        Its business as usual.
        Now… as a teaser ….
        My uncle was a spook at area 51.
        But I don’t think the people on this site are open minded enough to hear it.
        So I’ll save it.

        1. We should pack it away as: “what has been seen, cannot be unseen”.

          Gotcha bro. 😉 luvs

          Goodnight, be safe. Tomorrow brings us new things to distract us. 🙂

          As an aside… Easy math as I go to sleep. Haha!

          1. Deb & Flee,
            I’ve seen one, too, in broad daylight. Have spoken to a UFO’ologist about it, too, and it’s totally in line with other reports. Besides how the craft looked (circular, metallic) I knew it was weird when I saw the thing hover silently one minute and then take off at tremendous speed, also silently, the next. That sighting was in Oct 13, 2010. I was walking the dog at 630am or so.

            These things are appearing, and you’re not crazy.


  4. UFO’s are real. Saw one in Canada in ’71. There are far too many sightings by highly credible people to make any other call.

    They are NOT piloted by extraterrestrials, however.


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