6 thoughts on “Hillary the Idiot

  1. She was given “the idiot card” because anything else would set off flags, bells and whistles to anyone with half a brain as to how corrupt the enemy occupied government really is.

    No one makes it this far in that system by “idiot” level intelligence. Nationals would consider hanging a crook who is part of a machine working to enslave and kill you, but no one really wants to hang a retard.

  2. haha you guys all come up w the best cartoons! I can hardly watch the love fest Dems, poor Killary, Nothing will happen to her, everyone is blackmailable and disposable to them. She know where O was born i bet. Valerie Jarrett is her BFF in DC. Why is it the left cant consider the right might be right this ONE time? Loretta Lynch cant answer a yes or no question, dodges everythng.

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