Holocaust Training for Tampa Police

Published on Sep 15, 2018

“Holocaust Training” for police? If this isn’t gross influence, by the Israel lobby (the ADL in this case), into American domestic affairs then nothing is!! Wake up Goyim!!

12 thoughts on “Holocaust Training for Tampa Police

  1. I had to put on my glasses to read this article. .

    I’m glad I did…

    I thought it said…

    “Holocaust Training For Tampon Police”.

      1. Thank you Hal…

        Finally after three fkng months..

        I finally get a ha ha…!

        I have to beg now like a Mexican selling oranges on the Santa Monica freeway for a goddami t LOL.

        Fk you pee pole.

        I’m working for free for your giddamint entertainment..

        Gotta.. go…

        I just farted and sht my pants.

  2. They grow more bold. Filing into every corner. The control-grid thickens.

    Standing ready, best I know how. Will happiness return?


  3. Wow…. They still keep talking about shit that no one remembers nor gives a shit about. We are not Jews or Israelis. We’re Americans, you idiots!!!

    You’d think they spent more money in this country on the holohoax than on Independence Day and fighting for our freedom.

    Who’s country is this again?

  4. How about peace officer training that includes conflict de-escalation and Bill of Rights education? Just a thought and I know, overly optimistic.

  5. This COULD happen again???

    “They are to protect the Constitution, and they are to serve and protect the citizens…”


    I’ll let that ‘citizens’ sh#t pass (this time)… but F%&K THE CONSTITUTION, COMMIE jEWB#TCH!!!


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