Homeless Hitchhiker Rescues Victim Of Racial Attack

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An absolutely insane news story coming out the Fresno, California area of an unlikely homeless, hitchhiking hero named Kai is going viral online. Kai doesn’t know his last name, nor his age (he can’t call it!) but Kai took matters into his own hands when a brute thug crazy on something decided to crash into someone and then-decided to attack them in a racially fueled attack by this psycho claiming to be Jesus. Hold on to your hats.

*Warning: F-Bomb laced surfer talk in this one. The story behind this from The Fresno Beehive:

Proving that there is ALWAYS a market on the Internet for stories with 1) weird headlines and 2) videos of heroic hitchhikers performing vigorous reenactments of thwarting racist, bear-hugging-Jesus impersonators by using the (presumably) blunt ends of conveniently accessible hatchets, KMPH has gone viral with its story about the black Fresno PG&E worker attacked last week.

If you recall, the unfortunate worker was injured Friday after a 54-year-old Washington man named Jett Simmons McBride rammed his car into him. McBride was making racist comments, and after pinning the worker with his car jumped out and started attacking him. That’s when the hitchhiker named Kai, who had caught a ride with McBride, came to the rescue and started hitting the agitated man with a hatchet.

Buzzfeed: Bryan Harley of local blog The Dumb Drum helped make the story go national. (Video: From DumbDrumTV on YouTube.)

Gawker: “Meanwhile, Kai has become something of a guru to many after participating in an eminently quotable interview following the drama.”

The Blaze:  “It’s a sentence you won’t read every day, or hopefully ever again.”

Mediaite.com:   “Local news is an often-wonderful, even-more-often-bizarre place.”


4 thoughts on “Homeless Hitchhiker Rescues Victim Of Racial Attack

  1. “If I could go back […] I’d a dialed him up right then!”

    That was like, gnarly brah!

    Seriously, actor my ass. That was a gen-u-wine free spirit. Often described as useless to society.

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