Homeowner kills intruder: ‘I was fighting for my life’

WCNC News – by Diana Rugg / NBC Charlotte

HICKORY, N.C. – A Hickory man is grateful to be alive after he said an intruder broke down his front door, and tried to beat him and rob him Saturday morning.

Paul Ohle said he was in his kitchen around 9 a.m. when he heard his front door being kicked in.  Ohle said the man called for help, but as Ohle reached for his phone, the man wrestled it out of his hands.

He “put me in a headlock, drove me to the floor,” said Ohle. “That’s when the battle ensued.”

As the two men wrestled, Ohle said he reached for a single-shot shotgun he keeps by the door.  The man grabbed it from him and beat him with it.

Ohle now has nearly a dozen staples on the top and side of his head where he was beaten.

“I was fighting for my life,” he said.

Ohle said he finally broke free and ran to his bedroom, where he grabbed a revolver and shot the man to death.

“I hate I had to do it,” he said, “but I shot him.”

Hickory Police have not released the alleged intruder’s name, saying they haven’t notified his family yet.  They haven’t said whether charges could be filed in the case.

Ohle said police took him to the hospital, and also searched his home and took his gun and cell phone as evidence.

Neighbor Reggie Moore saw police at Ohle’s house, and heard what happened.

“I hate it for the young man’s family,” he said, “but when you do something like that, you get what’s coming to you.”

Moore carries his own gun in a holster on his hip as a crime deterrent. He supports his neighbor and what he felt forced to do.

“It’s a good thing he had a gun or he might have been the one deceased,” said Moore.

Ohle said he wishes he didn’t have to resort to shooting the intruder, but he did what he felt he had to do to save his own life.

“I hate it,” he said. “I have a lot of friends who disagree with me — I’m thankful I had that .38.”


8 thoughts on “Homeowner kills intruder: ‘I was fighting for my life’

  1. “Police haven’t mentioned possible charges in the case;” said the reporter at the end. But when the same thing happened to a guy in another country that has no gun rights, the homeowner was put in prison for defending his life. First they’ll take your gun rights, and then they’ll put you in jail for defending yourself.

  2. A positive outcome, in spite of the circumstances. In Canada, where we have the type of gun control (and more) now being proposed by Obambam, the situation would have been catastrophic.
    Here the population has been conditioned by the gun grabbers (police and immoral politicians) to be victims. Being a survivor is almost an unspoken unacceptable lack of decorum.
    When there are victims, as opposed to survivors, there is a platform for lobbying for more money to hire more police and the cycle repeats, but at the cost of innocent lives, of which the gun grabbers care not a wit.
    Give up your 2nd amendment right as your own peril; that is what we did and are paying for it.

  3. I have to wonder why when his door was being forcibly opened he reached for a phone rather than a gun? Confronting the intruder with a gun rather than a phone might have led to a less violent outcome.

    1. Don’t tell me you’re one those sheeple that actually believes the cops are there to help you.


      They’ll ONLY show up AFTERWARDS, and then ONLY to clean up what’s left of you.

  4. I’d have thrown a party instead! Nor would have I shed a tear.

    Killing is something the right thing to do.

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