House Votes to IMPEACH OBAMA! DNC Goes On FULL Damage Control Mode

PP Simmons

Democrats have gone into full damage control mode following a vote in the House of Representatives to sue the President of the United States of America for “executive overreach.” The vote was held yesterday, July 30th which was followed by a flurry of emails out of the official DNC/Obama camp HQ begging the acolytes for donations to combat the lawsuit. Interestingly they also mention in the emails that this is a historical first in America… but are they right?

From Abby Witt of   

Friend — 

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner and House leadership did something that’s never been done in American history: They voted to sue the President. 
What’s certain is that this is an utter waste of time and millions of taxpayer dollars.
But it gets crazier — this opens the door for extreme voices in Congress to call for impeachment.
I wish that was as unbelievable as it sounds. But look at John Boehner’s track record: He let an extreme minority shut down the government, gave them more than 50 votes trying to derail Obamacare, and now he’s letting them call the shots over a wasteful lawsuit.
This isn’t going to stop unless the American people demand it — right now, add your name to tell John Boehner you’re fed up with this nonsense.
As grassroots organizers who are working for real change that actually helps people, what’s most frustrating is that political stunts like this lawsuit only make it more unlikely that they’ll get something meaningful done.
John Boehner is the Speaker of the House. That’s a job that should mean something — the chance to fix problems and tackle the issues that the American people sent you there to do.
Instead, he’s one of the biggest reasons this is the least productive Congress in modern history.
That’s pretty shameful, and what just happened yesterday on Capitol Hill is making matters worse.
Add your name to tell John Boehner to knock off the political games and get something done:
Abby Witt
Deputy National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action
The dictionary defines “impeach” as:
im·peach  [im-peech]
verb (used with object) accuse (a public official) before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office.
2.Chiefly Law. to challenge the credibility of: to impeach a witness. bring an accusation against. call in question; cast an imputation upon: to impeach a person’s motives. call to account.
So it seems that by the definition of “impeach” clearly spelled out in the dictionary the House, led by speaker John Boehner, has voted in the affirmative to “impeach” president Barack Hussein Obama.
It’s a sneaky move and, as the panicked DNC points out, unprecedented. The House of Representatives has voted to impeach the President without any required involvement from the Democrat-led Senate.
Synonyms for “sue” are listed as “accuse, allege, arraign, charge, cite, complain,impeach, implicate, indict, litigate, prosecute, subpoena, summons.” – See more at:
If found guilty of executive overreach it remains difficult to ascertain what Boehner’s next move will be but make no mistake: suing the POTUS may be a first in US history but the term is synonymous with impeachment and the US House of Representatives has voted to do just that.

6 thoughts on “House Votes to IMPEACH OBAMA! DNC Goes On FULL Damage Control Mode

  1. By all means, go ahead and impeach the communist POS. But let’s just HANG him first.

    That way he won’t mind being impeached so much.

  2. Please OH Lord, I don’t ask for much, just forgiveness! God please Impeach this man. Recall all of Congress! Smite Netanyahu! Bring this world back to it’s sanity! Put these zionist’s where you see fit! Oh, one more thing, that 2015 Porsche 918? In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit….Amen.

  3. Umm…again, this is a dog and pony show. If I remember correctly on Henry’s show yesterday, the law states that the president CANNOT be sued. In other words this is just a distraction and means nothing.

    The only way this illegal, Communist, Kenyan bastard is going to leave office is if We the People arrest and drag him out by force. Period!

    I also believe even impeachment won’t do shit. But that’s just me.

      1. He’ll be laughing all the way to the end of his term. Remember, they impeached Clinton and it didn’t change anything. Take out Obama and what do we have? Ole Smokin’ Joe Biden (or should I say stumbling Joe). So it would be pretty much same sh!t, different buffoon. All of them must go. All Zionists must be rounded up and exposed to their ebola. All illegals must be deported and we restore our republic and Bill of Rights/Constitution. Then we can start lining up the bankers and other exploiters for public hanging or beheading. It must be burned into everyone’s psyche what the result will be concerning any exploitation. We will also have some unfinished business with the Bilderberg’s and 1 country in the Mid-East that’s been suckling the teat of America way too long.

      2. Sorry Wade. I disagree, dude. He’s a puppet and slowing him down won’t change anything as impeachment didn’t do a damn thing when Bill Clinton was in office. If it did, then Hitlery wouldn’t have been Secretary of State or wouldn’t even be considering running for president.

        In any case, since he’s a puppet, the elite will move on ahead and do what they have been planning all along without him, so it won’t make a difference. As Millard says, all of them must be rounded up. The whole damn treasonous government needs to be ousted to even begin making a dent in it all. Otherwise, we’re just flicking off tiny pieces of dust on the elites shoulders.

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