9 thoughts on “Housecleaning

  1. Absolutely!!!! It’s been well over 15 years since I’ve owned a Television set. I certainly don’t miss any of the programming of the Talmudic toilet.

  2. Mike Lindell founded My Pillow. He’s admittedly a former cocaine addict. Guess that’s why he never got real sleep. The commercials are so often and on so many channels at this point I think it’s part of a psyop. Empire Carpet seemed to go away…The Flex Tape commercial seems to be on mostly over nights. My Pillow commercial sends my hand to the remote to mute instantaneously now….I treat it as poison.

          1. Hey..

            What are doing up this late…?

            Another sleepless night huh…

            I’m trying to drink myself to sleep tonight.

            If I smoke some more pot.

            I may achieve my goalz.

            Hang in there man.

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