7 thoughts on “How 2 deal with police stops

  1. I thought this was about not talking to the cops. Seriously. Once you start engaging, you never know what might come of it.

    I like this guy’s approach:

    1. Yep, I like this guys aproach. Never never trust a cop or talk to one reguardless of what they say or promise. Don`t even trust a cop when they are off duty even for any reason . Cops are sneaky and they get off on that sneaky power trip to your disadvantage.

  2. these checkpoints are illegal and everyone should do just what this guy is doing. We DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. AND THEY KNOW IT.

  3. These police were good examples of what police should be. Refuse to answer if you wish but to disrespect them in any way is childish, foolish and counter productive. Better to respond with courtesy and respect, realizing full well that in many places in the US and world, to refuse to answer would result in being pulled out on the car and beaten, tased or shot. Police are people, no more, no less.

  4. Brian … I am the guy who posted the video on Youtube. Once I realized this guy was cool I wanted to warn him of what I think my be coming. I too am a Christian type guy like him and though I have reason to distrust Cops those I believe worthy of a job well done are not to be feared. Here is why I distrust cops … and yes this is me.


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