5 thoughts on “How about a bar code we can print onto our arms or the back of our necks?

  1. Screw Arm and back of neck…. Hand and Forehead! Read about that somewhere in the Book of Revelation…..Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah!

  2. I read the comments on that thread and realize we are doomed. Most of the people are good little slaves and will not only do whatever they are told to do, they will willingly physically attack you if they think you did not get the vaccine.

    1. Bill, we’re not doomed. Challenged, but not doomed. We are on the side of Freedom and that breeds bravery, often born of rage. Everyday our numbers increase as more see the effects of tyranny and defy the ugly tyrants.


    2. Most of my family and friends are taking the shot. Talk about a divide!! I spoke with some this weekend and they asked how I’m doin’. Since they asked, I said that the main thing on my mind right now is how I’m being portrayed to all of you. Vax refusers are being called ignorant, selfish, spreaders, even terrorists. I told them there is much research that shows our refusal is well warranted, and that even doctors and scientists are warning against the shot, not trusting ingredients, inevitable side-effects, or purpose. No matter what I say, they just go along with NPR, the radio station that says, “Your freedom is not as important as my safety.” It’s sickening, and there is no reasoning with the believers. So I focus on and connect with those who know what we’re up against and in some ways that is my new family and friends, virtual as it currently is. Thankful am I for the few local friends (still fully human), and for the millions across the nation who are ready to roll.


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