How To Kill A Drone: Since Drones Can Kill Americans, Americans Can Kill Drones, Here’s How

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Since Barack Obama recently took it upon himself to label himself ‘dictator’ with free will to kill Americans with drones, isn’t it time that Americans learn how to fight back and kill drones? Where there is a will, there is a way! This excellent article informs Americans who are completely disgusted with the ‘Police State’ our once free nation has become on how to kill UAV’s. If UAV’s are going to be used to kill Americans, Americans need to learn how to fight back. Our GOD given right to defend our own lives is a much higher power than either Barack Obama or the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution or the US Pentagon and their killing machines. These monsters DESERVE to be grounded. Here’s how to do it!

The UAVs have two alternative systems for communication.

Line of sight radio :
In the military C-Band  500 – 1000 MHz that can be jammed with simple spark-gap radio

Satellite communication :
In the Ku-Band between 10.95 – 14.5 GHz, and  the satellite can be jammed.
The Uplink-Band to the satellite is 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
The Downlink-Band from the satellite is 10.95 – 12.75 GHz
And you should jam the Uplink frequencies with a jammer directed at the satellite.

uavcom.jpg (29230 bytes)

uavparab.jpg (39257 bytes)

parab.jpg (8240 bytes)

The satellite link system is from L-3 Communications.

Surprisingly, the resistance can tap off the military’s video feeds

As you can see in the specifications, the satellite link system uses the same civilian commercial technology as television broadcasting companies. And the surprise is that the resistance and others have tapped off the videos from the battlefield with simple commercial equipment.

But now the communication is perhaps encrypted.  Read more about SkyGrabber.pdf

If you jam the communication, then the operator becomes blind and the UAV will fly around until it crashes or the fuel is gone. But you must kill both links of communication to kill any rescue.

There are a limited number of satellite channels available which means that the satellite link becomes a bottleneck. The satellite is therefore used as a backup and jammer-rescue channel and for single special operations from far away from the target, while C-band radio is used for multiple simultaneous operations from near the targets. Every military base have their own UAVs that must be operated through the C-band radio. C-band radio is also reported to be used for take off and landing. Which means that the C-band radio is your primary target. The C-band radio is also easier to jam.

Read much more on how to destroy Americans latest and greatest enemy here.

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  1. At times like this I remember the words of an American general in WWII who said, “No air force is any better than the army that protects it.” Think about that one. I think it may have been US Army General Joseph “Vinegar Joe: Stillwell who said it in the China theater of war when the Flying Tigers were getting all the credit, but I’m not sure. If anyone reading this knows who said it, I’d love a confirmed source of the quote.

    1. Most likely the military contracts to operate the drones will be given to Israeli owned companies and the actual pilots could be in Israel or anywhere on earth. Hard to track them down and take them out. Some woreld we have here isn’t it – just imagine, soon Americans in America will be hunted down and killed by Israeli’s from remote locations. Much to the applause of our AIPAC Congress.

      1. Although the drone control trailers can be located anywhere in the world, the airfields themselves must be located closer to the area of operations. These airfields require fuel deliveries, parts, food, and personnel who like to get off base now and then — all vulnerabilities which can be exploited. The jamming devices spoken of in this article may be useful, but they are only one avenue of tactical approach. The moment drones start killing Americans on American soil, EVERY method available will be used to take them down, including shoot-downs by rifle from civilian aircraft.

        The ground attack in Afghanistan a few months ago which destroyed 8 Harrier jump jets, the worst one-day loss of aircraft since Vietnam, was a perfect example of the quote, “No air force is any better than the army that protects it.” Determined sappers can get through. Look also at what the British did to the Argentine Air Force Pucara ground attack aircraft during the Falklands conflict — commandos slipped in at night and dropped satchel charges into the cockpits.

        1. It is my understanding that the drones are cheap to build and they will just mass produce replacements. Also, the maion stream media will flood us with stories about how those hunted are insane ruthless killers and child rapists. Most citizens will cheer the drones on to revenge.

          Success will require hitting them where it hurts, so that they will call off the attacks. Gee I wonder what group that might be.

          1. PS:

            Stalin said, “Give me Hollywood and I will control the world.” Thank God we have the internet now- lets keep it open.

      2. Good insight indeed! Israel is already into this program since last 2 and a half years. It’s Drone operations are based in 5 locations in USA plus two locations in Saudi Arabia, one in Jordan, one in Afghanistan, one in UK, one underway in Uzbikistan and Germany. There are 8 more planned according to an inside source. So not only the US citizens (the goyims) will be butchered by the chosen but lot more heathens like the Arabs and rest of the Muslims. Remember this is a crusade against the Muslims in general but very specifically against Pakistan…. the only nuclear Islamic country and the utomost priority of Israel and its founding fathers!

  2. While this is good information, I have to wonder why this is made available and since it is, that most likely means the U.S. military already knows about this vulnerability and most likely already has something put in place to protect it.

    Kinda like a police radar detector detector to detector your car speed before your radar detector detects the police radar detector and therefore making your radar detector useless and a waste of money and a scam for the corporations.

    However, regardless, this information can’t hurt to have as a last resort in the future.

    1. It is also very well known that any night vision camera can see the laser when a target is being painted … and the person can use that to follow the laser back to the person or craft painting the target. Yet we still have to paint the targets for the smart bombs to hit so that technology is still in use and still just as vulnerable.

  3. Also, does anyone have a clue as to what a C-band or a Ku-band is? It’s all Greek to me. I’m sure Ed would know. lol

    1. Ku band is what DirecTV uses with their old technology receivers. C band is what the humongous 8 foot dishes used in the early years of broadcast television satellite feed. Very few programmers still use it today.

  4. I say just JAM their ground satellite like they do in the movie, “Spaceballs”. lol

    “Radar about to be, JAMMED!” Barf (played by John Candy)
    [then, a huge jar of “jam” smashes into the dish]

  5. Nobody said this was going to be easy.

    Granted, this is over my head, but I’m sure there are some tech-minded people out there that could make good use of this information.

  6. The thing is, nothing works by magic. All these drones, wifi, cell phones etc. operate using RF. Some of this stuff is really high tech, yet they are not immune to jamming. I built an FM transceiver just to mess around with some friends and it really is easier than you’d think. Google schematics for FM or AM transmitters and see how much stuff pops up. Im glad you posted this because I was just talking to a friend about this and it answered a bunch of my questions.

    1. LOL. I’m glad someone out there knows more about it than me. I’m lost. Good luck, Eomer. Maybe you can teach us all someday or write an article about it to teach us non-techies. You know, like a short crash course on “Radar Jamming for Dummies” or something. lol I’d be interested in learning the basics and expanding from there. Think about it, dude. I’m sure I’m not the only one on here eager to learn the main points and details.

  7. Looking for Investors. Product Description, Hand Held Personal Pocket Sized Drone Fooler. Dubbed “DRONEFOOL”. This devise doubles as a pocket radio and 2Way communicator. Friends or assoicates can alert when drones are in your area. With practice you can reroute them back to base or over to the bothersome neighbor.

    Projected selling price $5.00 Made in China $20.00 made in USA

    Sales Volume at least 200 Million units – remember everyone will need to have one.

    Optional Beeper to alert when “Targeted”.

    Advance orders accepted now – Operators standing by 1-XXX DroneFool
    Tinfoil Hats and attractive foil jogging suit offered with limited supply

    Let’s stop these madmen before thye Outlaw batteries and spoil the business.

  8. When ever you hear of a mystery explosion, like that one that wiped out half an Indiana neighborhood or the car bomb that killed Rakik Harriri in the Middle East, look to see if there is a crater. Random explosions and car bombs don’t leave craters.

    Ever lay a large firecracker, cherry bomb or M-80 on the ground and light it. How big out a crater does it leave? Lay a stick of dynamite on the ground and set it off, no crater. Drill a hole 38″ deep, drop a stick of TNT in, set it off and you get a 38″ deep crater. Get it?

    Fire a missile from a drone, it buries it’s nose into the ground before exploding, leaving a crater.

    Last year’s census takers carried a hand held GPS to identify and mark the front door of every Amerikan. Drones can fire missiles using GPS coordinates. Get it?

    1. Not only that, but most foreign U.N. troops can’t read, write, or speak English.

      But anyone can read GPS coordinates.

      1. Hey if I see or hear a soldier wearing U.S. military fatigue and he or she looks foreign and speaks a foreign language in front of me, he or she will officially be an enemy insurgent in my eyes. PERIOD! And the first chance I get, I’m taking him or her out (and I don’t mean for dinner).

  9. forget the technology – that is going to happen – it is the psycho clowns at the buttons and their task masters who must be removed from power.

    1. Ditto for gun control… recently a man who had used a *hammer* to murder his grandfather then served prison time for “Manslaughter,” following which he was banned not only from owning a gun, even from entering a building which happened to have a firearm in it – so he stole a gun from somebody else, with which to shoot someone.

      Moral people do not require laws in order to behave compassionately and consructively. Immoral people will find a way around any laws they face.

      Make the mind good, and weapons do not matter.

      Leave the mind in tatters, and almost anything becomes a weapon (a car, a brick, a shattered window…).

  10. Dont forget the many many cell towers dotting the skyline,these all work on “line of site” dissable a tower they are extremly fragile what with their exposed WIRES and DRUMS lowtech will see us through.Around here (wva) most if not all have primitive C B radios. easy to install and cheap.Please be aware that ALL CELLPHONES are tracking devices some now even have microphones that stay active even when phone is off. and damn that thing has a big ass and is definatly more manly than the african.

  11. I wouldnt say ‘forget the technology’, because any info we can use to fight back is valuable information. Yes, I agree we need to take the psychos out but you have to remember that the soldier operating the drone could be just following orders and believe that he really is fighting against a real enemy. I believe early on they will try to trick some of the gullible military and probably after some amount of time, the majority of the military will wake up.

    1. perhaps if one of these bunkered criminals stood trial at the Hague and be found guilty of something more than littering – these e-cowards would go back to playing Wii.

  12. As a 600 hour Private Pilot with Thousands of Bucks invested in the real thing, On Laughter Silvered Wings, here’s Truth Factoid #1: Drones are for Assholes.
    Give Me a Spitfire and some 20mm, I’ll take care of the GDF’ing Nazi Buzz Bomb perversion of Flight, Disgustinglooking, Fraud-Funded Fake-Pilot flown,, Quack Designed R/C Thingys.

  13. It would be more beneficial to commandeer these drones and use them to destroy the fusion centers. They use a Microsoft OS; if Iran can hack it, so can Anonymous or someone else.

  14. I have been into polar orbiting weather satellite comm’s,downlinking weather pics from polar 500-900 miles and geostationary 32,000 mile orbits for years.
    Years ago late 70’s, this was a dream of many radio amateurs and over time they (The Radio Amateurs) built there own equiptment to did just that !!!
    Low microwave band was the dream,now the radio amateurs are experimenting with ku, and x band. If anyone can do this it is The Radio Amateurs. And If needed im sure there are those patriots that would get started right away on such a project !!!!!

  15. Yavool!
    These are so much better than Herr Hitler’s Schtoopid Buzz Bombs!
    It’s the chickensh@t delight!
    The choice of sniveling cowards everywhere!
    Ze drone is such a weapon of weaklings even a Chicago Metrosexual from Oprah’s down low “church” can use one with the greatest of ease!
    Don’t be a racist and shoot down the drones!
    That would make you a big fat racist if you crash the buzz bomb!

  16. Right on Fred! I completely agree with you. Im currently studying for my license. I meant to get it a while ago but some stuff happened and delayed me. I’ve always been into radio and fascinated by it.

  17. The war welll if u can call it war against terrorism is just an excuse for the strongest (governmente and the elite) killl those that oppose their laws and that s it… They re are not defending the country they re defending their ownselves against their own thoughts if u don tobey their laws doesnt matter if iot unconstutional it s their law that kill and our only defense the constitution they re stepping on it ,..from that point we must open eyes that they re a government protecting themselves and this is sad because the pledge allieance just to say a land of liberty and justice for all …. crap that’s far from truth not in the present time nope so we must stand up not our rights cause those have been lost time ago but on the Holy Word of God that makes us free and above that there isa government that can withstand or oppose it even if we must give our lives for that it s worth but defend the truith

  18. What about rapid frequency switching? Don’t drones switch frequencies about 200 times/second? Is the jammer something that blasts across a whole range of frequencies?
    Just wondering.

    What about low tech? Somehow lure the drone into firing range from the ground? As it is, they stay high, at least 5000 AGL, above rpg and small arms range.

    Hard to kill, but nothing is impossible.

    1. A spark gap transmitter excites ALL frequencies,not just the ‘desired ones’,which is why the are illegal in a lot of places. For best results one should focus on creating a high amplitude signal,rather than frequency specific. A newer style solid state neon sign transformer (like these , not the older ones) operates at around 30-40 Khz @ 6-9000 volts.Adding a chain of high voltage diodes on the output will create high frequency pulsed D.C. which is ideal.Read my post below.

      1. Hmmm… wondering how driving a Neon (not flourescent) tube from a Marx generator and running that tube through a stack of Copper/insulator/Aluminium/Copper/etc sheets would act. Possibly, radio interference would be the _least_ interesting effect?

        1. Hells yeah that`s the spirit!The more surface area on your antenna the better.How about this?A small pocket sized marx like the one in the picture I posted,only put an alligator clip on the output so that you can attach it to a convenient derelict car or metal structure(preferably NOT grounded).A car being ideal because it`s insulated by the rubber tires and your signal won`t be sent to ground rather that the atmosphere.Possibilities limited only by your imagination.(I suspect there will be lots of derelict cars around if TSHTF)

          1. There is a damaged car between where I sit and the next town North which has been bolted to the top of a steel pole to illustrate the hazards of careless driving and also to advertise a car-repair business… so maybe one of those mounted atop a stout wooden pole…?

  19. The Iranians used jamming to bring down a US drone just last summer. Actually, they hacked the drone’s computer systems to bring the drone safely down to the ground. Once they had captured this craft, they studied the computer systems within it and started to replicate it. So far, we don’t know if they actually succeeded.

    Certainly, there are computer experts among the US population who would be able to hack into the systems in the drones and/or the bases from which these drones would be launched. After all, the Iranians did it.

    1. Actually, Eileen, some kids at a university accomplished that very same thing not too long ago. In fact, the article on it was posted on this site.

  20. This is my post from another article on this site:

    A simpler and far more effective solution might work like this: A stationary spark gap like this one fed by a high voltage capacitive discharge (warning!!!! VERY dangerous,deadly in fact if you touch any part of the circuit while active and even for several hours later),in turn fed to one end of an old T.V. antenna ,the other end attached to a good earth ground, ought to drop those monstrosities like mallards during duck season.Placing powerful neo magnets across the gap in a North-South configuration will interrupt the spark very abruptly and create spikes an order of magnitude greater than without them(an old Tesla trick). The frequency can be adjusted by the distance between the gap.Of course I must insist you don`t try this for any reason because of the obvious danger and illegality of it all,plus the fact that those drones are only up their to protect you from right wing Jee-zus humping gun nuts. Obama loves you after all 😉

    I suspect something like the above is how the Iranians are doing it.

  21. LeonB;
    Good thoughts. That’s one thing I’ve had a hard time getting people-especially Liberals,to understand. Taking the Lawful gun owners’ guns will not affect the Criminals adversely at all. It actually HELPS Criminals commit their crimes without risk. Why is that so hard for them to comprehend?

    1. That question’s WAY too easy.

      Because the worst criminals in the entire country (the so-called ‘government’) have them totally brainwashed into believing otherwise.

      Next question.

    2. Speed, the most reasonable explanation is that they do comprehend, however their real purpose (as puppets-of-puppets) is to make our society as fragile as possible rather than to stabilise it.

      The people really-behind-the-scenes appear to be Strong Determinists (and Narcissists) so for them to genuinely care about anybody else would contradict their core beliefs.

      Taking away peoples’ firearms not only makes them more controllable in the immediate sense, it conditions them to being helpless.

      Removing firearms is only one controlling factor. The way in which money (fails to) work is another. Eroding all moral boundaries is another. The oxymoron we generally refer to as “politics” is another.

  22. When someone clever comes up with a personal, hand-held device that senses a drone, gains control of it from it’s base, and makes it return and fire at point of control, gimme one of those “Boomerang” thingies,’kay?

    I’ll take 3, please.

  23. This is quicker and more reliable l_i_l – otherwise known as “Iron Sights” from a .270 or .243 as “lead” conducts electricity and tends to short out transformers, generators and such.

    Or how about a crossbow or compound bow firing a light arrow/bolt that has “home-made” C4 in a plunger detonated test tube?
    (the formula has been on the web for two decades)

    You see, they need “electricity” to send and receive signals. No power…no signal. NO antenna…no signal.

    And if you’re a really good hacker, why don’t you hack into the drone programming (WIFI) and start selecting its “new” targets? (like other drones)

    Well, I’ve heard that some are going to take them down the old fashioned way with 100′ of rope, a composite grappling hook attached to their 4×4 pickup… throw hook over power lines with rope attached to tow equipment/receiver and drive 25 feet.
    Recover hook, drive to next transformer and repeat process.

    Me? I prefer my 7.62×39. Far less expensive than buying a “jammer” that the military has already laid in provisions for.

  24. God given right? God didn’t give anyone anything. It’s the American constitution and being a human being that gives me the right to protect myself. Rant over. But this sound like a good idea.

    1. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the constitution does not grant rights. It prohibits the government from infringing rights that pre-exist government. The use of the word “the” is a good clue as to this, for example:

      “…THE right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging THE freedom of speech, or of the press; or THE right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      Also note the use of the words abridging and infringing. These are both ways the constitution acknowledges that rights don’t come from the itself. Every person on earth has these rights and they can never be taken away by any person, or piece of paper. They can only be infringed or abridged. They can be trampled on and blocked but even if you live in a totalitarian state where you will be killed for exercising your rights, they are still your rights. They come from your humanity and are not granted upon you by some statist document.

      If you don’t believe the text of the constitution, which is telling you that rights pre-date it, then maybe you will believe The US founding document, The Declaration of Independence:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Note: It is not necessary to interpret this as a religious claim as it does not say who your creator is, your creator could be your mom, for example.

      1. It’s actually not reasonable to interpret that as other than a religious claim, since even a follower of that most destructive form of religion — Atheism — is otherwise left with the problem, “Nothing existed. Not even empty space with time passing in it. Yet we exist. How did this happen?”

        Even Fred Hoyle (the originator of it) has walked away from the “Bing bang theory,” and what little we can definitely determine from physics makes it clear that matter has a definite lifespan (the length of it does not actually make any difference: that matter does not exist endlessly is the key factor), so even Eric Lerner ( ) has switched from an always-existing universe to a plasma cosmology ( ) basis.

        1. We were talking about the constitution and not the origins of humanity. I was simply pointing out that one not need to be religious to come to the conclusion that rights don’t come from the constitution.

          1. Zionism really has nothing to do with Judaism, although Judiasm is one of the excuses used to “justify” Zionist choices.

            The USA also features groups of Zionist “Christians” [that term is not as straight-forward as one might hope] and I would be surprised if there really were no Zionist Atheists.

            In terms of outright death tolls, Atheism clearly rules (Pol Pot killed about twice as many people in one — of several — planned famines as the entire population of Australia, which was over 80% of Lenin’s total official tally), followed by Islam (started by the centred-on-Mithraism hegemony set up by Constantine), followed by said hegemony.

            Crew like Adolf Hitler are not so clear. He (and both of his parents) were members in good standing of said hegemony, however his interests were clearly more directly occult (which Atheism often acts as a hedge for anyhow).

          2. Wrong again. Zionism has EVERYTHING to do with Judaism. Try reading The Protocals of The Learned Elders of Zion. Then read the Talmud. Two sides of the same coin.

            As far as atheism goes, that argument doesn’t hold water. Atheism is the antithesis of ANY religion, as it is predicated upon the belief in NO god whatsoever, ergo, it cannot rightfully be called a religion.



            Protocols, Talmud, two sides of the same object? Yes.

            Not, however, two sides of Judaism. Two sides of a particular variety of Occultism.


            “Strong Atheism” is the definite belief that no supernatural being exists (which is of course heavily tied to however the believer in no-Gods happens to define “natural,” making it a highly subjective term).

            Contra the people desribed in the final paragraph of that article, I lack the faith to hold a “Strong Atheist” position.

            “Weak Atheism” is a lack of belief in any particular supernatural being. This is not only subjective, it is also quite vague.

            “Apathetic Atheism” doesn’t know, and doesn’t much care. The term “Agnostic” (which lterally means someone who believes that we cannot know whether God exists or not; this is the opposite of a “Gnostic” who beleives that we are required to know a particular thing or set of things about a God or gods) is often mistakenly used to refer to such a person.

            I used the term in the “Strong Atheist” sense, as the other senses are basically useless in a descriptive domain.

          4. From Michael A. Hoffman ll’s “Judaism’s Strange gods”:

            “Rabbi Jacob Neusner on the importance of the Talmud in Judaism:

            That sustained, systematic exposition, through one instance after another, of the right reading of the Torahin both its media comesto Israel nowas in the past as a single document, the Talmud of Babylonia. That statement of fact describes the centrality of Talmud in the future curriculum of the Judaic intellect, the priority of the Talmud from the time of its closure in about 600 C.E. to the present.
            For ‘Judaism’ s Rabbinic Judaism, and the Talmud of Babylonia is the authoritative statement of the Torah that Judaism embodies. The Talmud is the prism, receiving, refracting all light. To state the proposition in academic language: into that writing all prior canonical writings emerged; to it, all appeal is directed; upon it, all conclusions ultimately rest. In the language of the Torah itself: study of the Torah begins, as a matter of simple, ubiquitous fact, in the Talmud.”

            You were saying?

  25. I should think a SKEET shooter would have pretty good luck taking and making a mess of one since they have no armor. Those new ones would be like clay pigeons. Poof. Not to worry.

  26. Do you think the innocent victims of America’s rage in Pakistan and elswehere will use this information to destroy the drones that are killing them?

  27. A Pakistani sold N power to N Korea and Iran. The source of today’s shit is an irresponsible action of a stupid genius going limbo.
    And we thought China would be the next rowdy. Yes they came tough but in such a different way. Morethan half of the stuff I use come from China:)
    Best is to stop all N(uclear) and use N(atural). This will only lead to hell, all will agree.
    However the problem is too much shit has scattered around from Pakistan that it will take ‘some’ time to clean so we can start talking about STOP to Nuclear again.

  28. i have a little computer knowledge, but i am far from being a wiz. anyways my questions is what would the results be if one of these jamming devices were attached through the antennae connection to your local cable companies coaxial cable? wouldn’t it backfeed through the cable network and transmit through their dishes. i mean coaxial cables are bi directional are they not? also maybe the possibility of having several devices setup at multiple locations perhaps on staggered timers set to operate for maybe 5 minutes each to prevent tracing. i imagine the jamming devices would probably fry everyone’s cable boxes or tv’s, but that is an acceptable loss in time of war isn’t it?

    1. You are correct on that. You can also set up a jamming device via your satellite dish. Just have to have enough power to transmit the distance between your transmission point and the receiver. I am not going to say where I did this, but I used to use a very simple jamming device from my car on the freeways that jammed every cell phone within a mile radius of where I was at the time. It was so simple it was actually very funny. It also jammed taxi radios and emergency radios. It jammed the signals of incoming signals to folks car radios. I used a vibrating relay that fed into an old audio output transformers secondary and the primary side had one end grounded to my car and the other to multiple lengths of wire with a capacitor of a different value to each of the wires and the ground connection. This resulted in a disrupting “buzz” that overpowered every device within my transmission field. It is similar to the jamming devices used during WWII, just “tuned” to different frequency ranges. I was doing it as an experiment to log the reactions of the folks who were being jammed and had the help of “observers”. So, this can be used against military and civil service radios and wifi devices. Oh, and the wifi computers folks were using on the road, also got jammed and heard that many crashed resulting in the laptops becoming useless and needing extensive “rehab”. This can also be used against drones and also other “tracking” equipment. Even at the right frequencies, laser guidance systems can become “fuzzy” and lose their ability to ‘track’ or ‘home’. Multiple units can be set up within a 1/4 mi of each other and operated with 9v batteries and are extremely inexpensive and thus can be planted so that their signal can overlap and literally jam everything in the area. Now, one exception. Microwave transmission towers. To keep them from “talking” to one another, you need the jamming antenna to be right directly in the “beam pathway”. Easier to just take out the towers. In order to, as you say, “fry” folks tv’s, cable boxes, and also modems, and routers, you need a substantial amount of power that will do a “burst” that would speed past the safeguard fusing components/ surge protection components within each of the devices. Some cable systems have safety systems on their inline amplifiers so you might not get as far as you would like.

  29. OK, so you want to kill Drones …

    The ones of real interest are of the predator variety and usually fly at high altitudes and at fairly long ranges, as far away as 50 miles. Regular jammers aren’t powerful enough to reach them.

    The little 50 pound “baby drones” used by the local cops can be brought down with a single 12 gauge shotgun and some 00-buckshot or beanbag rounds at 100 yards.

    If you wish to use the broadband tesla approach, you will need a BIG spark gap and a parabolic dish … something in the vicinity of at least 1000 Watts. Less than that will be ineffective. 5000 Watts would be better and would allow the use of a smaller (and portable) dish.

    A 5000 to 15000 volt neon sign transformer will do a pretty good job. If you can find 30KV Rectifiers (think microwave ovens) you can build a circuit that provides a 5 to 15 KV DC spark to the gap, which generates broadband harmonics … excellent for killing RF circuits. The frequency bands of operation are set by adjusting the width of the spark gap and could include the use of TWO 30KV doorknob capacitors to create a tuned circuit (Typical relaxation Oscillator) in front of the gap for more precise frequency control.

    The spark gap must be placed at the focal point of a 3 to 6 foot parabolic dish … like the old C-Band and K-Band satellite dishes and will yield a nice pencil beam jammer effective out to at least 60 miles and out to 200 miles at some frequencies. Of Course … It will literally blow out the drone’s receivers and Jam everything else in it’s path too, knocking those pesky drones right out of the air.

    5000 Watts at the focus of a 12 foot dish, tuned to the correct uplink frequency and aimed at the orbiting com satellite will actually KILL the transponder in orbit, effectively severing the drone’s com link … Permanently.

  30. Now you’re Talking !!! Make No mistake … These creatures are the Enemy and the day will come when we need to hit the Fusion Centers and their C3i facilities.

    It’s kind of odd but one of the most pervasive surveillance systems in their C3i complex … and the source of most of their raw tracking data, is the traffic camera network which also includes the photo radar installations and vans. It also includes virtually ALL of the IP-Network security cameras at airports, buss and train stations, major retailers, shopping malls, gas stations and truck stops.

    Outfitted with both object and face recognition firmware, and OCR software THEY can locate, identify and follow you across the entire country. They can even read the license plate and your bumper stickers in real time.

    When war commences, Someone will need to make a concerted effort to destroy all of the aforementioned cameras in the country. Once again, the 12 gauge is the tool of choice.

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